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The 13th Circle

The 13th Circle is an epic battle with one of the archfiends of legend, the demon Baphomet. Designed for Tier 3-4 characters (levels 15-17) and set in the Dread Domain of Kachelior, the adventure requires the party to navigate the mysterious and maddening mazes that protect the demon's castle, and battle fiends of all kinds to reach his throne room. But will they discover the truth of his machinations?

Word has spread through the small collection of towns within the Grey Shade that a cult of Baphomet has been preparing something for their master within his palace. The players will travel to Baphomet’s palace, and make their way through the massive forest maze that surrounds it. They will find the corpse of one of the previous heroes enshrined near the center which hints towards the true purpose of the cultists. They will then have to infiltrate the dread palace either stealthing or fighting their way through the defenses.

They then must make it past Baphomet’s Lieutenant, Aphalos, the Godeater. The characters defeat Aphalos or persuade him to leave his master to his fate. Once they enter the chamber, Baphomet’s plan is made clear. He wishes to create a maze within time, thus trapping this world in the same cycle of pain and doom as before.

Written By
Jackson Wagner
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DMs Guild
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Levels 15–17
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