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The Cities of Sorcery

"Nights on the streets, especially those where walls whisper or ratmen lurk beneath, and never a place for those without purpose. Tonight, amid the gathering shadow, creeping fog, and guttering lamps a lone figure walks with cool intent. Footfalls echoing on the cobbles and a single flare of a pipe, or was that magic, lighting a face that has seen more than its fair share of death..."

These are the Cities of Sorcery, Valoria and Taux. Two incredible swords and sorcery settings from the minds of masterful storytellers with a vision born from the works of great masters like Leiber, Howard, and Burroughs. Dare to enter these mean streets where gangs rule, mighty trade houses foster endless vendettas, and dark magic lurks behind the brightest of smiles. Join the adventure in two epic trilogies, a half dozen secondary adventures, and various gazetteers, as you blaze a path to glory and riches among some of the most fabled realms in fantasy.

With both 2D & 3D maps, Iconic Characters handouts, campaign characters sheets, and more, this isn't something to miss out on if you are a true hard core gamer.


DF1 The Patina Court
DF1.5 Ratmen of the Dead Oak
DF2 The Lost Apprentice
DF2.5 Gang War!
DF3 Forgotten Temple of Tefnu
DF3.5 The Creche of Set
AT1 The Subtle Revenant
AT1.5 Storm Seasons
AT2 The King and the Serpent
AT2.5 The Part We Must Play
AT3 Playing Down the Dawn
AT3.5 A Wall beyond Fury

The Patina Court Places, 1E and 5E blank Character Sheets, Iconic Characters

These adventures are formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

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