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The City Beyond the Gate

The fabled Mace of St. Cuthbert has been lost from the sight of both human and
demi-human for many centuries. Some claim it lies at the heart of an active volcano, guarded by salamanders and flowing lava; others swear it lies buried deep inside the earth, warded by powerful magics raised by those who would see its power denied to the forces of Law and Good. A few assert that it has never left the possession of the Saint, and even now he holds it in his strong right hand. But a few claim that none of these are so that long before the Sainted Cuthbert rose to his exalted station, his mace was hidden away from those who would steal it before he returned for it, hidden away outside the bounds of normal time and space, in a place so outlandish that the Mace's power and destiny would be unknown and unknowable, and thus safe.

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