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The City of Eyes


It's not too late too close this page, and go and find an adventure about happy-go-lucky halflings, or emotionally stable young adventurers. This is not that story. You can still walk away, and find some other engagement that your players will forgive you for running.

Open this little document, and you will be introduced to the wretched streets of Elysium. Home of aberrations, mystery and futile quests for meaning in the drowned streets of the tortured city. Escape is unlikely. Enjoyment fleeting. I implore you, turn away and don't look back. Mind flayers stalk streets plagued by invisible death. Curses bubble from ancient evils sleeping beneath the water.

Questions lead to questions, which evolve into answers you will only regret asking for.

Go whilst you still can. There is nothing here for you but death.

Prologue: Welcome to Elysium
Chapter One: The Crooked House
Chapter Two: The Broken Prison
Chapter Three: The Temple of the Gaunt Silhouette
Chapter Four: The Grand Library
Chapter Five: The Adamant Asylum
Chapter Six: The Dancing Spider
Chapter Seven: The Undercity
An adventure for characters of level 15+

An introduction to Elysium, a Ravenloft domain filled with eldritch mystery and drowned secrets, including Life In Elysium, The Rule Unspoken and the Marks of Horror that set Elysium apart.

Guidance on Madness in Elysium, with Elysian Madness tables for your horror/amusement.

A list of Elysian locations, some of which will be expanded in later releases.

Elysian random encounter tables, day & night.

An Elysian Wild Magic table, miserable magic items and tragic trinkets.

The first installment - The Crooked House, in which we meet the Duchess and her parade of dead husbands.
The seconf installment - The Broken Prison, where the shadows of gods walk amongst men
The third installment, The Temple of the Gaunt Silhouette, where broken fragments of reality are reached by strange avenues.
The fourth installment, The Grand Library, where the things we wanted to forget prove impossible to truly banish.
The fifth installment, The Adamant Asylum, where medicine and madness meet.
The sixth installment, The Dancing Spider, in which there is no rest for the wicked.
The seventh installment, The Undercity, where your worst suspicions are confirmed.

Three new character backgrounds: the Eldritch Detective, the Information Broker and the Tempter of Fate.

The long-suffering Elysian character race, with two subraces.

The first One Page Woes collection, included here for your convenience, which contains thirteen reasons to be thoroughly miserable.

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DMs Guild
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