Cover of The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign

The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign

"...Night fell again on the ancient keep, whatever had been relegated to life below the surface for so many years finally finding its way to the streets and only the Company of the Ivory Scimitar has a chance to stop it."

Follow the exploits of the Company of the Ivory Scimitar as it starts from nothing to become the greatest Mithel company in history. Brave the dangers within the intelligent labyrinth of the mad fey Mithelvarn. Fight enemies both above and below ground, enter the wildlands, wage war against an insidious corruption, and finally take the plunge into a sunken dungeon. Can you and your players find a way to outwit your competition for the ultimate prize, immortality, or will the Infernal Machine win out and destroy the entirety of Roslof Keep?

This fully compiled mega-adventure is compatible with 1E and 5# mechanics and will take characters from 1st level through the mid-teens.

For beginners and experts, players and DMs, this book provides all a gaming group needs to run the complete Roslof Keep Campaign including new races, monsters, dungeons, side-adventures, and more. Will you be the first to conquer mad fey Mithelvarn's Labyrinth?


ROS1 Beneath Roslof Keep
ROS 1.5 Welcome to House Aldenmier
ROS2 Tremors in the Machine
ROS 2.5 Test of the Tower
ROS 3 The Curse of the Violet Corruption!
ROS 3.5 Dire Run to House Fleetwood!
ROS 4 Glade of the Burning Dead
ROS 4.5 Hammer's Fall in Anarchy
ROS 5 Deep Dive in the Flooded Halls!
ROS 5.5 The Mithel Company Champion
ROS 6 Realms of Madness and Despair!
ROS 6.5 The Final Banner

Races of the Nameless Realms, 1E & 5E blank Character Sheets, Iconic Characters

These adventures are formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

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Makoshark has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Really cool concept!