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The Complete White Ship Campaign

"Long ago the Wizards of the world discovered the Afterglow Sea, a new magically charged plane of existence that lay beyond the Veil of the Elemental Plane of Water. It was from this magical well that they drew their supremacy, but some among them sought more raw energy, and surmised another darker and more powerful plane existed beyond the Elemental Plane of Shadow..."

The black-heart necromancer Molo of the 13 Wives has discovered the existence of the Veil of Shadow and has set about to once again make contact, threatening the entire world in the process. So it is that a group of adventurers has been hired by the Wizards of the Taux to find Molo before he can bring about this cataclysm, but he has a head start. Molo has gone south across the sea, and a ship, the Coral Stranger, has been outfitted to try and catch him. Can the adventurers survive the trails of the southern ocean, solve the mysteries of corrupted dinosaur islands, brave the shadow-touched port of Distant Turtle City, and overcome the legendary Corsair Mists where Hyperion, Titan of Fire, is said to hold court over sea creatures the likes of which the world has never seen? Even if they can overcome all these obstacles, there is still the White Ship, death vessel of ancient Uthoria and closest contact point to the Veil of Shadow, and Molo himself...

Compiling the full White Ship Campaign adventures series from Folio 14-19, as well as over half a dozen supplemental mini-adventures and the Ports of the Nameless Realms supplement, this is a true monster of a sea-based dungeon and lost island crawl. The adventure will take characters from 1st -12th level in an epic island hopping campaign!


WS1 The Isle of Jade
WS1.5 The Pearl of Madness
WS1.6 Tomb at the Dragon Spine
WS1.7 Candon Shaman of the Dark Fen
WS2 The Forgotten Plateau
WS2.5 The Ruins of Alaxar
WS3 Distant Turtle City
WS3.5 Pirate Lords of the Dark Sargasso
WS4 Samurai's Fall
WS4.5 The Final Stand of the Fallen Leaf
WS5 The Shattered Tower
WS5.5 The Sunken City
WS6 Duel on The White Ship
WS6.5 The Ghost Tower

Ports of the Namless Realms Volume 1&2, Iconic Characters

Also Available:

WS2.6 Lost among the Crystals
WS3.6 The Ogre Magi of Jade Rock

These adventures are formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

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