Cover of The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse

The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse

The tritons have arrested the keeper of Skyhorn Lighthouse for unleashing vile, bug-like abominations into the sea. When a lone triton comes to the characters and asks their help in exonerating the keeper, will the heroes rise to the challenge and confront the dangers lurking in the deep?

The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse is a 5-7 hour adventure for 8th-level characters.

You can run The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse as a standalone adventure or as a follow-up to The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse, a free 5th-level adventure downloaded over 60,000 times with 200+ five-star reviews!

Inside the The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse, you'll find:
-Three new monsters that prowl the ocean depths
-A goblin submarine, a darkmantle sea captain, and a marid with a pet starfish grove
-The Arcane Library's signature format to make running the adventure effortless
-Combat cards for monsters, PCs, and special treasure
-Gorgeous maps designed for easy use with Virtual Table Tops

Written By
Kelsey Dionne
Published By
Indie Dev.
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Level 8
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