Cover of The Dungeon of Death

The Dungeon of Death

A sinister demon Fledgling trying to become a mighty Nabassu lures the adventuring party to a dungeon with a cruel history.

The dark walls of the dungeon holds more terrors than just scary monsters and deadly traps.

Will the adventurers figure out that they are nothing more than the next meal before reaching the waiting demon of the dungeon?

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Jason Carl
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Levels 5–9
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axxslinger has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Tacked this into an existing 5e campaign and it went well. Most of the monsters and treasures have identical versions in 5e so I could just use the new stats. I thought the mine mechanic would be cool (as a DM mapping endless caverns seems like a time sink that could be better spent) but my players didn't really get it. Kept asking "we just go back to that other cave where we saw the [blank]" and didn't get how they could get lost or fail to backtrack using the semi-random flowchart. But I thought it was a good idea. I added 2 factions of devils that were in the dungeon politic-ing and infighting among themselves to better justify why, once the PCs were detected, the entire devil army didn't descend upon them. Once the PCs cleared out the mine/dungeon, I let them keep it as a stronghold. Make sure you let Anderia or one of the other devil lieutenants continually harass and continually escape. Even better try to get her out alive in the end. My party hates her with a passion now and she will be returning.