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V2 The Dwarven Glory

Precis Intermedia brings back this follow-up to the first known commercially-published adventure (Palace of the Vampire Queen) for the original Roleplaying Game (First Edition/OD&D/0E). Originally released in 1977 by Wee Warriors, The Dwarven Glory provides 8* map sections that can be arranged as desired and containing pre-factored creatures and treasures (in other words, this is essentially a geomorphic stocked dungeon). While hit points are provided for the creatures, the First Edition RPG or an OSR equivalent (B/X recommended) is required for actual rules and their descriptions.

At one time, the community of Dwarven Glory was a thriving and wealthy one. The community became easy prey for Mortoc and his Ten Orc Tribes. Although the Orcs conquered Dwarven Glory, they could not completely destroy it. There were parts of the caverns they did not even penetrate. Now the caverns echo in the misty gloom, offering refuge to the forgotten and promise to the adventurer.

This piece of gaming history is a must for collectors and old school gamers. With the original on the extremely rare list, this classic reprint of The Dwarven Glory has been remastered for a clean print, and is readily available at a low cost.

* The original printing included only 7 map sections, designated Sections B through H. The mythical Section A has been added as a bonus.

Wee Warriors and The Dwarven Glory are trademarks of Precis Intermedia. All rights reserved.

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