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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm is a tower storming adventure for parties of 3 to 7 adventurers from 8th to 12th level. It takes around 6 hours to play and is designed to fit into any campaign that needs a wizard in tower.

In this adventure the party are tasked with stopping the storm obsessed wizard, Atonitus, from completing his ritual to become a living storm. Atonitus' ritual is causing dangerous elemental storms in the area surrounding his tower, causing death and destruction in nearby settlements. A pair of Cyclopes, Pameen and Mezrah, have been tricked into doing his bidding too. The siblings have been raiding passing caravans, local settlements, and travellers for all the metal they can carry.

Featuring a maze of interconnected rooms, puzzles, a rather annoyed Yugoloth, and the new Ice Para-Elemental monster, this adventure is perfect if you want a dungeon crawl or something a little more social.

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Stuart Kehoe
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DMs Guild
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Levels 8–12
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