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The Feast of Flesh

The story takes place in a village in Ravenloft. The party has been invited to accompany the young couple Burgomaster Alexandru and Mihaela Nichitovich [ni-KEE-toh-vich] of the hamlet of Nichitovia [ni-kee-TOH-vee-uh] to Rosenwald, a deeply religious community. Alexandru has asked the priests of Rosenwald to conduct a traditional ritual to gain him the favor of the Morninglord for his tenure as burgomaster. This is a ritual all burgomasters traditionally receive, including his late grandfather, who is entombed at Rosenwald.
Father Petre and Sister Elena of the church of the Morninglord loosely run Rosenwald. They offered to throw Alexandru a banquet at the House of the Morninglord before the ritual, set to take place during the next full moon.
However, all of the clergy have secretly become afflicted with the aswang curse. Father Petre is a halimaw and Sister Elena a kubot, both of whom gained their powers through dark pacts with demon lords of the Abyss. The other priests and acolytes are busos, survivors of encounters with roaming tigbanuas, who found sanctuary with Petre and Elena. The pair refer to these busos as their flock, and plan to feast on the guests after the banquet.

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Daniel Kahn
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DMs Guild
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Levels 5–10
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