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The House of the Midnight Violet

"A well-written adventure through a mansion filled with dark secrets."

The party is recruited by an innkeeper to recover a flower from a nearby mansion. He is an alchemist and he is running short on his supply of the Midnight Violet.

Town rumors warn the party to stay away. But, that's unlikely given that your heros are mighty and brave.

While exploring the mansion, the adventurers will learn the story of the family that once lived there and what caused their demise. That is...if they live that long.

Two new creatures and one new magic item are introduced in this adventure.

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Papaya_Monarch has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I ran this for a Halloween game, and it was a lot of fun! I did change a few things:

  1. I changed room access so the players could explore the rooms in any order. If they found the flowers before discovering the other problems I planned to just have the ghost stop them from leaving
  2. I had one of my players who was going to arrive late play the demon. She texted me spoooky horror-movie haunting stuff throughout the night so that as the players explored, faucets spewed blood instead of water, they hallucinated their friends' faces melting into ectoplasm, they felt breath on their necks, etc.
  3. When a character found something spooky, they had to roll on a Madness table. Effects ranged from "your teeth won't stop chattering, you can't speak for the next 10 minutes" to "you are filled with a fear of death, you will run and hide from the next undead you see." This helped reinforce the spookiness.

Other than that, I ran the adventure as-written. It was great: the players were creeped out and appropriately paranoid for a place that obviously had ghosts and/or demons haunting the heck out of it. It's great for a one-shot mystery haunting horror, and you can easily plug in any horror movie tropes that aren't already there for an extra spooky kick.