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The Ice Tyrant

The Ice Tyrant is a Dragonlance Firth Age adventure set in Southern Ergoth, the domain of Gellidus the white dragon. This scenario takes the heroes from a coldswept refuge of the Silvanesti elves to the citadel of Anghanor, left untouched since the Knights of Takhisis' withdrawal in 383 A.C. (just before the Second Catalcysm). The once-familiar locales of Ergoth have changed since the War of the Lance. Now, in the Age of Mortals, most of Southern Ergoth is covered by a great glacier, and the capital city of Daltigoth has fallen to ogres loyal to the brutal dragon overlord Gellidus (known to humans as Frost).

The adventure begins when the heroes join a band of Silvanesti renegades who have successfully evaded Gellidus' clutches. The elves plan to strike back at the cruel Ice Tyrant by uncovering his "secret" in Anghanor. --from the adventure.

NOTE: this module uses the Fifth Age rules based on the Saga card system. It is supplemented by AD&D rule text boxes. As such, there is no recommended level although Tier 2 play seems appropriate.

Includes an overland map and a map of the tower and keep.

Pgs. 26-49

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