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A3 The Pit

A prequel adventure for Xumoria Megadungeon.

“The famed archaeologist Jonas “Greytooth” Walker discovered a strange pit upon an expedition to the Dead City. A spiral staircase descended into this pit, leading to a series of rooms carved from the rock. Each room lay behind a closed door and their mysteries have not been unveiled. The entrance is marked by a large portal made of black basalt. There is a belief that this underground complex may hide information about the mythical city of Xumoria, which is rumored to be located on the Isle of the Ancients. There are inscriptions at this site indicating the presence of an ancient wizard named Arne “Sacre” Nissen, a well-known Xumorian scholar and great explorer of Artrusia. Adventurers seeking the entrance got and haven’t returned yet. Exploratory expeditions are leaving Crimsonwater, heading for The Dead City. Dare you go down into The Pit?"

About Our Adventure

Voxelhouse and Elevated Pachyderm are proud to present The Pit, a prequel to our forthcoming Xumoria Megadungeon. The Pit will give you an introduction to our gameworld of Artrusia and the powerful sorcerer, Berdolock. Our goal is to get you acquainted with our game material, and bring a whole bunch of new stuff to your OSR table. This adventure is fully compatible with OSE, BX, BECMI, and with minor adaptations, DCC.

In The Pit, your character will explore a small dungeon, in search of the map that will lead them to fabled Xumoria. This is an introductory adventure for players who want to explore our Megadungeon. Details of what you can expect in Xumoria are coming soon, but for now we hope that you’ll have fun with our module.

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