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The Premature Burial

The Premature Burial is the first in a series of four interconnected stories that recall the themes and atmosphere of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror.

Baldur's Gate, year 1492 DR,
a dark and terrifying sect works secretly in the slums with the aim of punishing all those who have long oppressed, marginalized and killed the city's poorest and weakest citizens.
The patriars, unaware of anything, are the cult's main targets, and a magical plague is about to fall on them that can cause a veritable slaughter.
The characters will find themselves caught up in these dangerous events and will be drawn into a spiral of horror, blood and madness that will strain their bodies and souls. The Prior who leads the mysterious cult has "a special plan" in mind for them and will do anything to achieve his goal.
Players will be forced more than once to question their morals and make difficult choices in a scenario of complex social conflicts, personal revenge stories and tremendous machinations. What repercussions would the cult's plan have if it were carried out? And what would happen instead if it were averted and the patriars continued to run the city as they always have?
Shadows as black as night once again loom over Baldur's Gate, and this time they may change its face forever.

- Adventure: story lasting 4 to 8 hours for characters ranging in level from 4 to 6
- Setting: adventure set in the famous city of Baldur's Gate but easily adaptable to any setting
- Narrative: detailed descriptions and an emphasis on story immersiveness
- Roleplay: in-depth characterization of NPCs with biographies, descriptions of their personalities and their physical appearance
- Bestiary: 3 new customizable opponents with the mechanics "Affixes," which can add an extra degree of complexity to confrontations, and " Weak spots," which grant a strategic advantage to characters who manage to discover them
- Magic: obscure and unknown spells used by cultists to carry out their plans
- Layout: designed to make it easier for DMs to browse information, featuring special attention to color coding and visual immediacy of text boxes
- Maps: 3 maps available in high resolution, VTT and printer-friendly versions
- PDF: available in high-quality, interactive, printer-friendly print versions
- Playlist: a collection of songs selected by the authors to create the right atmosphere during game sessions

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