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The Proving Glade

The Proving Glade is a one-shot adventure meant for parties or duets.

Your characters arrive in a small settlement that has a big problem. The forest, its lifeblood, has seemingly withdrawn its bounty. Others have gone in, only to return hours later confused about how they got out.

Will your party have the wherewithal to navigate the treacherous forest, pass its surprising tests, and uncover what’s truly going on?

I wanted a forest adventure that felt alive and busy. I also didn’t want every encounter to be solved with the swing of a sword. The Proving Glade is about questioning value, morality, judgement, and redemption.

This adventure was written as part of the Summer 2019 RPG Writer's Workshop. We also submitted In the Heart of the Forest. While these two adventures are not necessarily connected, they both involve navigating difficult and dangerous scenarios in a forest and could naturally be strung together.

This Product Includes
-A 3 to 4 hour one-shot designed for parties or 1-1 play.
-A new Sidekick stat block: Daelin Hoofbane, ranger extraordinaire.
-A new custom creature: the mysterious and powerful Alseiad, a glade nymph of incredible beauty.
-2 new maps: One region map for the forest around Quaervarr near Silverymoon and one battle map for The Hydra's Mire.

Written By
Jonathan Ball
Published By
DMs Guild
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Levels 3–6
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