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The Road to Baldur’s Gate

While traveling along the Trade Way, the characters see a small hut on the side of the road, and a spiked barricade erected in the middle of the road. Two men with cudgels in their hands stand on either side of the road. These two brigands proclaim to be members of the Waterdeep City Watch, but any Waterdhavian with half a brain knows this to be a lie. The truth is that these are common highwaymen trying to fleece travelers and merchants with a phony road toll.

In this simple encounter, the characters can employ whatever inventive tactics they want to pass the brigands. They may simply pay the toll, they may try to intimidate the bandits or appeal to their better nature by making a Charisma check, or they might resort to violence. Or, they may attempt something else entirely! Encourage creativity.

Written By
James J. Haeck
Published By
D&D Beyond
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Level 1
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