The Road to Swordfall

The road to the remote village of Swordfall is a long and winding one. It takes pilgrims who wish to visit the holy site from the main trade road, through the hills, and into the mountains where once, thousands of years ago, two gods engaged in an epic battle. Now, all that remains of the battlefield is a lone sword, several hundred feet tall, embedded in the ground at the center of a massive crater. Over the years, a large temple to Thuul, god of battle, sprung up around the site. Now, warriors and fighters from across the land travel to Swordfall to pay their respects once in their lifetime. Recently, however, pilgrims have begun going missing. Somewhere between the main road and Swordfall itself, something, or someone, has been waylaying travelers. Unbeknownst to most, a cult to Ghenna has taken over one of the lone inns along the route and has begun using it to capture and sacrifice pilgrims to their own dark god. Unless a group of adventurers can stop them, the sacrifices won't stop.

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Groundwalker has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This was great. I planned this as a one shot for new players. Even starting level 1 they got lucky and managed to continue on the road. DIdn't complete the cultist section as experienced players would, will have to come back for a 2nd session! Definitely hooked 3/4 new players I'd call that a success!