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The Rotting Willow

Tree houses are not just for kids.

The Rotting Willow is an AD&D® game adventure for 4-6 player characters of 7th-9th level. These characters may be of any class, race, or alignment, although characters of good alignment have added incentive to rid the world of the evil depicted herein. The characters should possess only a low to moderate amount of magic, as too much will throw off the balance of the scenario. The Dungeon Master should pay particular attention to the viewpoint of the antagonists: three braggarts.

This Scenario is designed to be used as the player PCs travel from one adventure to another, along the fringe of a swamp. The players should be given no introduction for the scenario. Treated it as an extended random encounter. The adventure takes place in the village of Rotting Willow and the nearby swamp. The village lies at the intersection of two trade routes. One route follows the edge of the Great Cypress Swamp and is well traveled because it is shorter (although not safer) than larger trade routes. A smaller route runs east and west, ending abruptly where it meets the swamp route.

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