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The Weathered Well

It’s a story as old as time. Boy meets girl. Girl meets abandoned well. Boy chases girl down abandoned well only to find horrors beyond their worst nightmares.. Perhaps those old tales about 'ol Grim Jack and Granny Hentooth lurking in a world below the water weren’t just silly children’s rhymes after all?

The Weathered Well is a starting level Tabletop RPG adventure for the 5th edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game, centered around classic themes that feel familiar yet fresh to players of all skill levels. Designed to be easy to add into existing campaign worlds, this module takes the players through 3 levels of social, puzzle, and tactically focused combat encounters, and should take 10-12 hours to complete for a standard party of 1st-2nd level characters.

The adventure takes the players through an open area town map, then into a more exploration focused dungeon crawl, and finishes up with a series of cinematic and challenging encounters, which combine enemy forces and the landscape to challenge the party and players alike.

Designed for New Players and Game Masters!
Getting started in tabletop roleplaying can be a daunting task. Learning the rules, finding the players, and convincing some poor fool to be the GM, all are difficult enough tasks on their own. We felt that there were a lack of adventures truly designed to be "1st level friendly" out there, and so got together to make The Weathered Well for just that purpose.

This adventure is designed in a linear low-combat style which is intentionally helpful for low level characters and new players, and includes occasional blocks of DM Notes and tips to also aid Dungeon Masters new at their craft. It can be played both 'pick up and go', with many helpful block text descriptions, or read in advance for more appreciation of the backstory or for customization.

The Weathered Well contains:
68 pages of highly illustrated adventure content, with detailed room and encounter descriptions.
Three full-color maps printed within the book.
The Black Root - a fully playable necromantic druid subclass, and the original builders of the Temple. Use them to create unique NPC's, or maybe even allow one of your players to play as a long lost member rediscovering their ancient temple!
13 new monsters, styled to fit the 'dark druids' theme; including bizarre fey creatures and monstrosities, like the Clawed Butterfly, Bliss Lizards, Weasel-worms, Zombie Oozes, and the vine wrapped crocodillian monster - the Hagator.
12 new magic items, specifically designed for low level characters.
A mix of roleplaying, combat, puzzles, and skills designed to challenge but not overwhelm players of all skills.
Multiple intro hooks, with matching wrap ups, as well as Further Adventures prompts.

Published by Hack Shack Games

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John Gronquist
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Indie Dev.
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