Cover of Tower of the Mad Mage

Tower of the Mad Mage

The door slams open so hard that the wall shakes and the hinges groan. To everyone’s astonishment, a goblin staggers in. He is badly wounded, with dried blood covering about half of his body.

Only a moment before the air was full of the rattle of dice, the slap of cards, and cries of victory and defeat. Now the Gambling Golem is dead silent.

The goblin lurches toward your table then collapses right in front of you. “Help me,” he croaks, looking up at you with bloodshot eyes. “I’ll make you rich!”

Written By
M. T. Black
Published By
DMs Guild
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Battle Mats?
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Levels 1–2
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sgtsparty has played this adventure and would recommend it.

My party really enjoyed this adventure. The inciting incident can easily be tweaked and reskinned to fit any campaign setting. My party HATED Skwelch the annoying goblin in the best possible way, with two of the PCs actively trying to kill him while a third tried to adopt him. He managed to survive in the end and has become a recurring NPC in our campaign. The map is basic but functional and I like that there are a variety of different enemy types. Additionally, the party being able to fight a Dragon at such a low level was great, and in the end I added the dragon wyrmlings mama showing up to try and take revenge on the players before Skwelch used his knowledge of the area to quickly help them escape via some old tunnels which help establish the danger of the wider world and introduce a much Bigger Bad that they have to worry about down the road (we rarely go more than a session, and they're now level 5, without somebody saying "Plus that whole full grown Green Dragon that has our scent and wants us dead thing is still out there). This adventure is great for the newer dungeon master as its straight forward and easy to run but also highly adaptable and easy to riff off to fit what you need from it.

MediocreDude has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Nice mini-funhouse, the map provided is not wonderful, but I found it really easy to whip-up a replacement.