Cover of Waterdeep: Tavern Defense

Waterdeep: Tavern Defense

One crazy night in Waterdeep.

Start as tavern bouncers. End up on the Astral Plane. All in one crazy night in Waterdeep.

The party has been hired for a simple mission: make sure the Slumbering Prince tavern doesn't get wrecked during the rowdy Midsummer Festival. And what better motivation than 200gp per person for a single night of work. Sound too good to be true? Well, here's the catch: all damages to the tavern are to be deducted from that amount.

And there is no shortage of festival-goers looking to unwind by wrecking other people's stuff. Over the course of the festival, the party must deal with drunken wizards, vain bards, loud goliaths, incompetent parade goers, complaining neighbours, disruptive satyrs, aspiring cultists, and a full-on tavern brawl. As well as an unusual number of strange slugs crawling around.

Slowly they become aware there is something off about the Slumbering Prince. And when a reckless noble disturbs the secrets beneath the tavern, our heroes must soon delve into the hidden dungeon themselves. Down below, they discover the terrible threat: a planar rift that can only be opened on Midsummer's Eve, and the slumbering demigod that awaits beyond, the great astral slug Cthumbra!

Written By
Ivan Atanasov
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DMs Guild
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Level 3
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