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Cover of CCC-PHA-01 Six Summoned Swords
CCC-PHA-01 Six Summoned Swords
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
50 pages

Meaningful decisions, unexpected twists and memorable characters are the foundations of this dark 4-hour adventure for 5th to 10th level characters. A chance encounter on an unassuming road leads to a dangerous and lucrative opportunity. But what seems simple on the surface turns out to be much more below. Thrust into a world where every enemy has an enemy and everyone has their own dark motive, the only chance to survive is to ally with the right foe. Sometimes “doing the right thing” comes only in shades of black. Six Summoned Swords is a stand-alone adventure that begins on the side of the road leading to Phlan and can be easily accessed by any adventurers traveling through the Moonsea region. In addition to a world full of intrigue and complex character choices, purchasing this adventure includes: An Official Adventurers League magic item certificate Printable portrait cards with roleplaying tips for important NPCs Gridded reference maps for combat encounters Condition icons to help track character status Special Certificate Holder ideal for event play NEW: Season 8 Item Unlock Handout - prints 9 to a page, one for every player! * Looking for an adventure to run at your special game day or convention? This adventure includes a “certificate holder” that features specially created art of the adventure’s magic item. When printed in colour and on card stock, it perfectly frames the official AL magic item certificate from this adventure and makes for an unforgettable souvenir. About the Swords Below the Moonsea Saga The saga consists of three adventures, with this adventure serving as a stand-alone prelude. The series continues with Six Striking Swords and Six Swords Unbound, the two of which should be played in tandem.

Cover of Encounters in the Savage Underdark
Encounters in the Savage Underdark
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
150 pages

Encounters in the Savage Underdark is a 150-page supplement containing mini-adventures, NPCs, locations, and magic items,from eighteen of the DMsGuild's best authors.This incredible 150 page supplement features 24 amazing new Underdark adventures. Visit Annarei's Garden Encounter an insane aboleth Interact with traveling merchants Attend the Fire Fest Perform an Underdark heist and so much more....

Cover of Rescue A Familiar Tale
Rescue A Familiar Tale
5th Edition
Level 0
49 pages

The Heartland Scouts – brave defenders of the Coast Way – have been captured! What their captors haven’t counted on is the adventurers’ feisty animal companions. Left behind, they are nevertheless bound to spell trouble! In this entirely unique adventure, players take on the roles of trusty animal companions and familiars on a quest to rescue their adventurer masters. Surely leaving behind a druid’s harmless badger friend is no threat to one of the great evil powers of the world – or is it? Rescue: A Familiar Tale features a story and challenges designed especially for the animal companions. Players choose and customize their animal companion from over 20 options, with illustrated character sheets included for each one. This adventure does not require existing player characters and can be enjoyed by players of any experience level with the game. While it makes for a perfect “something different” one shot, Rescue can also serve as a session zero for any new campaign and includes guidelines for a fun and surprising way to create inspired new characters at the adventure’s end!

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