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Cover of Encounters in the Savage Jungles
Encounters in the Savage Jungles
5th Edition
Levels 1–17
80 pages

This 80-page supplement contains 38 encounters written by many of the Dungeon Masters Guild’s best-selling writers. Encounters in the Savage Jungles includes 23 encounters / mini-adventures of various difficulty that can be used while the adventuring party braves the uncharted and savage jungles. It also includes 15 Quick Encounters, and additional resources. Although inspired by the Tomb of Annihilation, these encounters can be used with any official D&D campaign, or in your own home campaign. Many could even be used in forest, wilderness, or swamp settings. These encounters are location generic and are designed to be easily added to any campaign. Use them to introduce new players, as inspiration for a new campaign, as a one-shot, or whatever else you can think of.

Cover of DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
DDAL07-11 A Lesson in Love
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
31 pages

An old elf has wandered into the city from the jungle--prattling on about his long-lost daughter to anyone whose ear he can bend. Though most in Port Nyanzaru dismiss him as mad, he speaks the truth. Can you find and save his daughter?

Cover of Banquet of the Damned
Banquet of the Damned
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
23 pages

Every year, on the tenth of Nightal, the villagers of Womford organize a large banquet in honor of their patron goddess Chauntea. What started out as a small reunion between neighbors has turned into the most important event of the year: the Womford Pie Contest! Carla is a would-be witch came in contact with a gulabus (a demon of gluttony), she made a pact with the fiend, hoping that it could help Mortimer (a villager she felt sorry for) win the pie contest. The demon possessed the witch and placed a curse on Mortimer. If the PCs don’t stop him, the gulabus might actually gain control of the entire village. Produced by Goblin Stone

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