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Cover of Maraxax's Domain
Maraxax's Domain
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
17 pages

*** WARNING: this adventure contains strong scenes and descriptions which may not suit all kinds of public. It's heavy on horror, suspense, gore and sadism. The entire adventure available in the Full Preview, so that you can self-assess the content and buy in confidence. *** The main theme of the adventure is horror, using suspense elements as well as gore and sick scenes to shock your players. The adventure is divided in 2 parts: the first part involves a mad vampire spawn who tortures as a hobby, full of scary stuff like you see in horror movies. The second part involves a lesser demon lord stuck in a kind of inverted world (Stranger Things/Silent Hill style) which has a dread passion for a very disturbing and wicked art. There are tips on how to set the mood and make your players actually tense or even scary.

Cover of The Great Trial
The Great Trial
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
37 pages

The Great Trial is a 5e adventure for characters starting at 7th-level and ending at 10th-level. It's a dungeon consisting in the 3 levels, where the first level is the lowermost one and the last is the uppermost one: First level is composed by mean traps, puzzles and combat; Second level is a labyrinth with a construct Minotaur - the Minotal - and an iron wyvern, brand new creatures; The last and uppermost level is actually a jungle-like demi-place filled with dinosaurs in an open world format. Aenor Gleenwith, a powerful elf wizard, wants to make history alongisde Acererak for his Tomb of Horror and Halaster for his Undermountain. So he created his own dungeon. To test its efficiency, he captures adventurers and puts them in the lowermost level, where they need to work together to survive and leave the dangerous place. At the end, Aenor himself greets the group offering them apologies for the harm caused, to fix all damage caused and also rewarding them for the forced help. This module can be run in any setting, campaign, or as a one-shot. It should take around 10 to 14 hours to complete it since it contains 3 Chapters.

Cover of Encounters in Icewind Dale
Encounters in Icewind Dale
5th Edition
Levels 1–7
52 pages

Encounters in Icewind Dale is a 5e supplement that consists of 24 encounters ranging from short to long one, some even could be considered micro-adventures! The supplement is meant to enrich your game, whether it passes in Icewind Dale or in any other arctic setting! The encounters are based on exploration, social interaction and combat!

Cover of The Great Trial: Frostbite
The Great Trial: Frostbite
5th Edition
Levels 10–11
42 pages

Will your party survive the frostbite Frostbite Gauntlet? A sequel to The Great Trial, this module is an arctic, highly challenging gauntlet focused on exploration and combat, planned for fours 10th-level characters. The adventure can be also run as a one-shot or as part of any campaign for that level. For more information on The Great Trial, see at the end of this page. The module is divided in two parts: Chapter 1 The gauntlet itself, the party will be taken to a demi-plane against their will and from there, they have a simple goal: leave. However, a powerful undead guardian will make things difficult. The party needs to find some of the sources of power of Deathwings, the guardian, to weaken it and have a chance against it. Chapter 2 After leaving, the group will arrive at a cave complex made of stone and ice. A ancient dracolich names Icingdeath will chase the party, squeezing through the tight tunnels, always on the party' heels. Once out, the party is greeted by Aenor and offered their rewards.

Cover of The Isle of Endless Fog
The Isle of Endless Fog
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
80 pages

"This is a beautifully bleak hex crawl around an island smothered in oppressive darkness and fermenting wickedness. The Sluagh and their foul fog and maddening miasma are inscrutable and unknowable, but you must investigate the Island; discover the secrets buried within and without. Collect the scraps of information and open your heart and help these people tearing each other apart and worse, or become dark and hard as flint; indulge the mercurial machinations of men lost to madness of the mists and consent to cruelty. Worse still, lose yourself completely in the blanketing fog of yore; stumble blankly into the eternal night of truly annihilating nihilism... There is still faint hope that your investigation can illuminate the mist’s mysteries, lifting Man to the light, but it’s not for the fainthearted." - Curse of Sebs The Isle of Endless Fog is a 5e adventure for characters starting at 1st-level and ending at 4th-level. It's a sandbox adventure with a small setting for The Isle of Man, a location from Fallen Camelot setting. It features all three pillars of a 5e game: exploration, social interaction and combat. CONTENT WARNING: Mental Health Issues, Depression, Disassociation, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation, Human Experimentation, Drugging and Abduction, Cannibalism, Murder of Civilians and Children, Clerical Abuse of Power through Tyranny. Background The Isle of Man was by no means a safe place, with sporadic assaults from the troll, Buggane, trickster fey, and conflicts of resources with the local giants, but it is still a place where local folk can live their lives in relative peace. All that changed when the sluagh came. They flew free from an ancient tower, a storm of wailing ghosts that swept across the land, carrying a blanketing fog across their backs that choked the land, the sea and the sky. The Death Mist warps all that it touches, inviting death into the homes of all things, whereupon the sluagh swoop out of the skies, snatching up souls on the verge of death, carrying them away from their bodies and into a new horrid existence as a fellow sluagh. In packs they fly, swooping through villages on the westerly winds, carrying away the souls of half its denizens, leaving the rest to starve, whereupon another wave will come to claim the rest. Over time, the mists drained the life from the earth. Fields turned barren, forests petrified, infants were born malnourished and shriveled. Yet, its hunger only grew. The sluagh called beyond, drawing travelers to Man. Sailors will see the fog first, rolling in from the horizon, before the wailing of the sluagh deafens their ears, and the mist blind their eyes. After what feels like hours, the sailors open their eyes and see Man on the horizon. The explorers will quickly find that they cannot leave this place. They must either banish the mist from this place…or destroy it. Published by Realmwarp Media

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