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Cover of Flesh Fails
Flesh Fails
5th Edition
Level 11
12 pages

Kidnapping and politics as usual? Not so much. Something is different about this job, and you just hope that difference doesn’t get you killed. Contains sexual content.

Cover of The Fish and the Rose
The Fish and the Rose
5th Edition
Level 5
9 pages

A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures What happens when adventurers become the owners of a brothel? When a roguish associate asks them to attend an oligarch’s party in his place? What lurks in the Cartways besides kobolds? And what will you say when another thief tells you the only way to find a treasure is to become hunted by the Praetors? Dark dealings, my boys, and a knife in the guts might be the price. Whose guts? Might be yours if you cross the wrong one of the Nine. This 112-page supplement and adventure anthology is set in the seedy underbelly of Zobeck, and on its mean streets you will find: Seven adventures dealing with underhanded themes, shady locations, and double-crossing deals gone wrong Six locales including the Cartways Market Gallery or the Old Stross Municipal Baths. A dirty dozen NPCs: kobold gearsmiths, failed Arcane Collegium students, barge captains, fey and undead ambassadors to use as rivals, patrons, peers and foes A sampling of new clockworks, street magics and odd enchantments that make Zobeck the distinctive jewel of the River Argent! You probably shouldn’t bring the paladin along on this one… This official Midgard adventure anthology is easily portable to any setting. Designed by Ben McFarland, Chris Harris, Matthew Stinson, Christina Stiles, Mike Franke, and Richard Pett.

Cover of Jigsaw
Levels 4–6
20 pages

The legacy of Dr. Frankenstein lives on as the handiwork of a rash young scientist responds in an unexpected manner. An angry lover and an evil monster. The party must stop this monster before he kills the young lovers.

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