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Cover of Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit
Of Leaves & Stewed Hobbit
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
17 pages

The company discovers the Easterly Inn, a piece of the Shire in the land of the Beornings. But the Wild is still the Wild, and it takes more than Hobbit cooking to keep adventures at bay; in no time, the companions find themselves involved in the search for a missing trade caravan. Their quest will put them on the road to the High Pass, and see them go over hills and under hills. Published by Cubicle7

Cover of Eaves of Mirkwood
Eaves of Mirkwood
5th Edition
Level 1
32 pages

The Eaves of Mirkwood: a 32-page adventure that makes a perfect introduction to Adventures in Middle-earth for new players, or a handy episode to drop into your existing campaign. The Company finds themselves setting out from Woodmen-town to travel through the Eaves of Mirkwood towards Lake-town. When the Journey goes awry they must draw swords in aid of a village beleaguered by the dreaded Greymuzzle Hob. Using cut down rules and offering lots of advice, Eaves of Mirkwood is a great starting point for your Adventures in Middle-earth. Published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment.

Cover of Don't Leave the Path
Don't Leave the Path
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
13 pages

The companions find adventure outside Lake-town and are given the chance to discover why even the hardiest of adventurers shun the forest of Mirkwood and its depths. In the process, they go and see Elves, meet a crazed hermit, and stumble into a wood of ancient and angry trees. Published by Cubicle7

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