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Cover of The Pollution of Conatha
The Pollution of Conatha
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
7 pages

Mare Vinceret has kept the underwater city of Conatha thriving for centuries. Deep within the Greyspace lurks a force so strong that it could impede their progress toward peace. It dwells in a place beyond where they would ever choose to go, filled with dark aquatic life and a menacing presence that no one could match. Juliya Alastor, the leader of Mare Vinceret, sends her best to dispose of the threat known only as Biandra, the Hag of Conatha (sea hag). The Hag of Conatha seeks to fix what Mare Vinceret has done to the beautiful land that she sees as corruption in disguise, then live in peace. Biandra has taken their forgotten structure and made it her own. She sits within a threedomed greenhouse with walls blanketed by vines of kelp and seaweed and swimming with deadly aquatic creatures. Within the dark, polluted lair, Juliya's team falls into madness. One by one, Biandra's hallucinatory tricks destroy them, leaving each of them within her grasp. Believing all is lost, Juliya finds a glimmer of hope in a crackled communication one of the members of the party must be alive. She must send out one more group of brave adventurers to bring down Biandra for good and reclaim the underwater dome. Will the adventurers find the lost orc rogue, fight their way in, and investigate through the biodome maze? Or will they be confined to the underwater maze of Conatha in madness, trapped with the Hag of Conatha herself? Pgs. 35-41

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