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Of Sound MInd
3rd Edition
49 pages

The Plot: The characters are motivated by strange nightmares, missing children, and a bizarre murder to investigate the odd happenings around the town of Bellhold. They must penetrate the former lair if a slain dragon, discover what bizarre force is tormenting the town, and put a stop to it before the town is turned into mindless slaves. The Mood: Odd occurrences, terrible nightmares, and ancient secrets haunt the town.The frayed nerves and shattered spirits of the townspeople have everyone on edge. Children and animals have gone missing, and the aura of fear is nearly palpable in the air. Whispers audible only in the mind add to the confusion, but it is clear that a dark force is determined to rob the people of Bellhold of their sanity and freedom.

The Scouring of Gate Pass
4th Edition
Levels 1–3
60 pages

It's a frigid New Year's Eve, and the heroes gather near midnight in a small condemned tavern wihtin the Free City-State of Gate Pass. Located in the mountain pass which separates two hostile nations. Gate Pass has been neutral since the end of their last war. That neutrality is about to be put to the test, as a scourge comes for the city from the nearby empire of Ragesia. By now, every magic-user in Gate Pass knows of the Scourge. The Emperor of Ragesia died barely a month ago, and a witch named Leska has moved to cementer herself as the next empress. Leska leads the Ragesian Inquisitors, clerics specialized in countermagic and has decreed ass disloyal mages to be tracked down and killed to prevent future threats to the empire. Their first target is Gate Pass, whose neutrality has long been viewed as an insult to the nation's honor. This is the first of twelve adventures in the War of the Burning Sky adventure path from E.N. Publishing.

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar
4th Edition
Levels 4–6
89 pages

In this adventure the heroes must brave the perils of the Innenotdar, whose trees and other vegetation has burned with an undying flame for 40 years. They do this to throw off the dogged pursuit of the Ragesian Empire, who seek to stop them from delivering information crucial to the war effort. Along the way the heroes will face monsters that have been afflicted with this undying flame, a demon that has made a contract with the Ragesian Empire, and potentially solve the mystery surrounding this burning forest. This is the second adventure of the War of the Burning Sky adventure path from E.N. Publishing.

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