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Cover of The Horrors Beneath Hopen'er Asylum
The Horrors Beneath Hopen'er Asylum
5th Edition
Levels 6–7
27 pages

The corrupt town guard of the Styes refuse to help when a mysterious monster begins to slaughter the residents of Hopen'er Asylum, an old decrepit mental aslyum. A call is put out for any adventurers willing to defeat this mosnter and save Hopen'er before it falls any further into madness... From the author of Murder on the Primewater Pleasure comes The Horrors Beneath Hopen'er Asylum. If you enjoyed that adventure then you will love this! This horror adventure takes place in and below Hopen'er Asylum. Originally designed to serve as an introduction to the location known as The Styes frorm the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book, this adventure can be easily transferred to any setting (advice is given on how to do this). The characters will explore an abandoned underground wing of the mental asylum, before delving into a forgotten cave system to face an unknown enemy, a Dubh. The adventure is designed for 6th - 7th level characters and takes anywhere between 4 - 6 hours to finish. The adventure contains full colour maps, as well as VTT versions of the maps.

Cover of Murder on the Primewater Pleasure
Murder on the Primewater Pleasure
5th Edition
Level 4
38 pages

The characters recently did Gellan Primewater, a local merchant from the Town of Saltmarsh, a great service by recovering property deeds worth a large sum of money, that he had long thought lost. In return Gellan throws a party for them on his pleasure ship, the Primewater Pleasure. However, this weekend cruise is plunged into chaos when one of the guests is murdered. The party must dive in and find the murderer before the ship gets back to shore, and the murderer can escape. This is a murder mystery which includes full colour maps of the Primewater Pleasure (player versions included). Fleshed out NPCs with motivations and secrets, as well as clues for your players to find, all in an attempt to uncover the truth. Your characters are trapped on the ship with the murderer and must find them before they strike again. Like all good murder mysteries this one contains a rather dungeons and dragons style twist. The table of contents includes links to all NPCs as well as every chapter for that sweet sweet quality of life improvement. It is designed to fit in with the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign but could also fit in to any setting or even be its own standalone adventure. This is my first adventure so all of your support would be greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy and I welcome any feedback you might have!

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