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Cover of Among Them - A Barghest Hunt
Among Them - A Barghest Hunt
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
17 pages

A fiend lurks among the Black Blade goblins. A shapeshifting barghest fashioned by the General of Gehenna to exact revenge on all goblin-kind. It’s aim: to kill as many goblin leaders as possible… A masked goblin approaches the party asking for help. Two tribe leaders are dead. But a rival for chief has control of the crime scene. Will the party discover the barghest among the goblin ranks? Can they stop this imposter before it strikes again? Adventure Overview The adventure’s story is spread over 4 parts and takes approximately 4 hours to play. The adventure begins with a Call to Action scene. Part 1: Goblin Politics. Krill sends his emissaries to implore help from any strong intermediary. The party is asked to investigate the murder of Thrawn in Dringly’s lair. This is Story Objective A. Part 2: The Opposition. Gain entry into Dringly’s lair and investigate the murder of Thrawn. Gather enough evidence to find the killer. This is Story Objective B. Part 3: To The Lair! Now that the players have determined the barghest (Yeep) is to blame, they need to get to Krill’s lair quickly as he is in imminent danger. This is Story Objective C. Part 4: The Barghest.When the players arrive at the lair, they need to get to Krill and expose and defeat the barghest. This is Story Objective D. Adventure Background A barghest named Yeep has begun its onslaught of attacks against the Black Blade goblins. Starting with Chief Gnar, then his second in command Thrawn, the barghest is moving methodically down the line of command. Krill is now chief. But he has some problems: Two leaders of the Black Blades are dead. Who killed them and why? Is he next? Dringly, the next in command, has decided to take his lair for himself, declaring himself Chief of the Black Blades. Who are the Black Blades? The Black Blades are a tribe of goblins in the local area. They are known for dipping their blades in a dark black substance. It is rumored these blades are poisonous. The Black Blades regularly attack passersby on the road to rob them. The Black Blades have two lairs, one run by a chief who leads the whole tribe, and another overseen by a boss lieutenant. The Black Blades have a well-established pecking order which is how Krill stands to become chief. The next in line is Dringly, who has also declared himself chief and wants Krill dead. Krill suspects that there is something suspicious about two leaders being killed within a day of each other, but he has already burned Gnar’s body without any investigation. He needs to investigate the body of Thrawn, but it is in Dringly’s lair. Krill wishes to avoid direct confrontation with Dringly at the present for three reasons: 1) Any violence would only kill his own tribe members and further divide the lairs. 2) He believes there is still hope for negotiation to reunite the Black Blades. 3) He believes that if he were to attempt negotiations himself, Dringly would kill him. This adventure features: Two maps. Ready for your favorite Virtual Tabletop. A full color pdf. A black and white pdf. One custom monster, a reprint of barghest, all others available in the Monster Manual. Four hours of entertainment involving: roll playing a goblin bard, investigating a murder scene, tracking down a barghest before it strikes again. Applicable to any setting.

Cover of The Pumpkin Hag - One Page Dungeon
The Pumpkin Hag - One Page Dungeon
5th Edition
Low Level
5 pages

The Pumpkin Hag is built around halloween themes: plumbing the deapths of a giant pumpkin, fighting scarecrows and "Mum"sters, and a shapeshifting hag. It includes 5 new monster statblocks - Mumsters, Scarecrow, Hag (Ms. Kinny), The Pumpkin Heart, and Young Gibbering Mouther that are suitable for level 2-3 play. Designed to be played in 3-4 hours, with level 2-3 characters this is a great HALLOWEEN one shot or side quest for a longer campaign. Fewer words, more fun! The goal of one page dungeons is to get the important information across fast. Make running simple. There is a map, room descriptions, and reference pages for monster stat blocks. A background and overview are provided. The goal is to give low prep DMs high prep experiences at their table. Included in All One Page Dungeons by Arcane Ink: ◦ A *.jpg or *.png for you to load it in your favorite virtual tabletop ◦ A single page map with markup descriptions of the characters, monsters etc, the party will encounter in each room. ◦ A simple summary of the history / overview of what the adventure is all about. ◦ Reference pages with all needed stat blocks pre-looked up and ready to go ◦ Art to help inspire your imagination ◦ !!!SPECIAL BOUNS!!! 5 new monster statblocks - Mumsters, Scarecrow, Hag (Ms. Kinny), The Pumpkin Heart, and Young Gibbering Mouther One Page Dungeons take minutes to read and absorb and make preparation that much simpler.

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