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Cover of Deception Pass
Deception Pass
Levels 7–9
23 pages

Looks can lie as well as words. Magical minotaurs? Mutant giants? Vampires? One or more of these is preying upon the caravans, and you're going to stop them. A band of ogre magi took over an abandoned dwarven stronghold and have started ambushing merchant caravans. Their leader, Krugii, wants to gain enough power to eventually control a kingdom. In his quest for power, he has bonded a young bronze dragon and has accelerated its growth. The ogre mages all have different personalities and different forms that they prefer to polymorph into. The PCs are hired to take a caravan through Deception Pass and protect it against the random monsters that have been marauding lately (actually ogre mages in disguise). After protecting the caravan, the players track the attacks back to the stronghold of the ogre magi and clear it out. Pgs. 40-62

Cover of Things That Go Bump in the Night
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Levels 3–6
22 pages

Giants and ghost trees and foul undead beasties... What happens when elves, giants, and a mysterious witch all decide only you can settle their troubles. Strange new tree species! A hobgoblin fort! Unexplained noises during the day and different noises at night! Investigate and explore the Bretonwood to get to the bottom of its problems. The adventure provides an overland open-world style map of the Bretonwood which the players are encouraged to explore. Many set and random encounters are provided. There are opportunities for combat in this area, but players should be ready to handle some problems out of combat to get the most satisfying experience. Pgs. 22-43

Cover of Hirward's Task
Hirward's Task
Levels 4–8
20 pages

When a wizard makes a mistake, he makes a MISTAKE. Hirward the Wizard has a little problem on his hands - and it's destroying his fortress, followers and future. A good mix of character types is strongly advised, but paladins, rangers, dwarves, and gnomes may not be comfortable sparing the lives of Hirward’s kobold assistants. A generally neutral party composed of humans and half-orcs will stand the best chance of completing Hirward’s Task. This not a standard "hack-and-slash” adventure. The PCs will have to do some fighting to he successful in completing the module, but most of the time they must use their brains to figure out the best way to complete their mission. Pgs. 45-64

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