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Cover of The Bane of Elfswood
The Bane of Elfswood
Levels 15–18
14 pages

"It shines in the night. Ogres run in terror of it. It kills by sight and by touch. It never stops hunting - and it's hunting for you." Vengeance denied in life is reborn in death. Druida Glanadyl, a female elf adventurer, seeks aid from the PCs in avenging the mysterious deaths of her family members. The horror that haunts Elfswood can be attributed to a spirit (odic) of a vengeful cleric, Irkthorn Balin. Pgs. 16-28 & 64

Cover of Carcass Fracas!
Carcass Fracas!
Level 1
2 pages

It's only a flesh wound. This roadkill isn't as harmless as it looks. Reports abound of brigands and hobgoblins attacking travelers in the area. Though there were brigands, the attacks are the work of a Thoul (magical combination of a hobgoblin, ghoul, and troll). The Thoul is playing dead in the road to attract prey. It has been doing this successfully for a number of days now with the help of its mate, a second Thoul hiding nearby. The PCs must defeat the Thouls to keep the road safe for travelers between the local towns. Pgs. 26-27

Cover of Hrothgar's Resting Place
Hrothgar's Resting Place
Levels 4–7
6 pages

He wanted a scabbard - but got the shaft. If the book is to believed, there's a magical sword - completely unguarded! - ripe for the taking. This short adventure starts with the players finding a diary describing the final resting place of Hrothgar and his powerful intelligent sword. In a quest for the sword, the players investigate a small cavern system and find the sword in a gelatinous cube. Pgs. 32-37

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