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Cover of Amarune's Adventures: The Nightmare Web of Adhe Wood
Amarune's Adventures: The Nightmare Web of Adhe Wood
5th Edition
Levels 10–15
17 pages

Located in The Vast north of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Adhe Wood is a small but deadly place. Legends swirl of a mysterious temple in Adhe Wood where statues of snakes hold massive emeralds. But the citizens of Sevenecho, the town nearest to Adhe Wood, seem to know nothing of this legend and refuse to speak of it. Travelers into Adhe Wood rarely return, devoured by the mutated spiders that lurk in the trees.

Cover of The Wizard's Assistant
The Wizard's Assistant
5th Edition
Level 1
36 pages

The Wizard's Assistant is a Tier 1 adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. This adventure is designed to be accessible to both new and experienced Dungeon Masters, as well as players of all ages. Characters start at level 1 and end at level 5 - with plenty of possibilities for continuing the story after! The Wizard's Assistant starts simply, in the lonely village of Newfall. The wizard Iolanthe lives in Newfall with her assistant and romantic partner Diana, but Diana's hidden past is closing in. Adventurers come together over a seemingly simple task, only to find themselves embroiled in the machinations of a sinister gang. Can they locate Diana before her secrets tear her and Iolanthe apart? This game includes details of several locations, but can easily be adapted to nearly any setting.

Cover of The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
13 pages

A powerful new narcotic is making its way through the Spine of the World. Behind it is a secret that could change everything! Explore a lost city and discover the secrets hidden by the gods themselves. (TW: some drug use and the possibility for players to use drugs)

Cover of A Night of Fright!
A Night of Fright!
5th Edition
Level 5
33 pages

Jinkies! Uldryn Beauregard is dead—and he’s left one million gold to anyone who can survive the night in his haunted mansion! But spooky things are going on, and nothing is as it seems. Luckily, Mystery LLC is on the case! A Night of Fright is a parodic one-shot adventure designed to be played in a single four-hour session by five players. In a loving send-up of classic mystery cartoons, players will take the role of one of four meddling heroes—or their talking gnoll! Explore a haunted mansion full of traps, frights, spooks, scares, ghosts, ghasts, and ghouls to uncover old Uldryn’s secrets before it’s too late—for this is no run-of-the-mill real estate scam. There’s real danger in the mansion and Mystery LLC will need all the help they can get!

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