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Cover of The Silver Key
The Silver Key
Levels 2–8
36 pages

Between the settled human lands and the orc-filled mountains rests the barony of Honshar. The residents have grown used to occasional orc raids, but now they find themselves facing a full-scale war. As if that wasn't bad enough, the orcs have kidnapped an important political figure from Honshar, along with a crucial magical item - the Silver Key. Unless the key is recovered, it could be Honshar's undoing. Both the key and the hostage are being held in the orc city of Krimba-hai, so getting them back will be tricky. However, there is a plan.... TSR 9508

Cover of Siege of Kratys Freehold
Siege of Kratys Freehold
Levels 1–4
13 pages

The orcs remember Tarran Kratys. Today he wishes they had not.

Cover of The Vaka's Curse
The Vaka's Curse
Levels 2–7
6 pages

"The Vaka's Curse" is a short AD&D adventure for two PCs of at least 7th level, or 4-6 PCs of at least 7th level, or 4-6 PCs of levels 2-4, with a total of at least 14 levels. The adventure is set entirely on board a ship, so it can occur whenever the PCs take a sea voyage. At least one PC should possess a silver or magical weapon.

Cover of Dovedale
Levels 1–3
15 pages

If the drought doesn't get you, the goblins will. The river has mysteriously run dry and the farmers' crops are in peril. Locals are convinced a nearby tribe of goblins are responsible, and have offered a reward to anyone brave enough to sort it out. While they were correct about the goblins causing the drought, they were wrong about the reason. The chief of the goblin tribe is an enthusiastic fisher and a particular fish, Salvel the Talking Trout has continually eluded him. This adventure has a humourous tone and emphasises role-playing and negotiating. Pgs. 8-21 & 49

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