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Cover of All's Fair
All's Fair
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
5 pages

The increasingly erratic behavior of Lady Selyse, Knight Captain of the small, but strongly held frontier outpost Fort Selsmire, is provoking unrest among her soldiers and fear from passing supply caravans. Many whisper of how the Captain now goes without sleep for days at a time, pacing the walls of the keep long into the night. Despite these rumors, the party has found employment at Fort Selsmire, conducting additional patrols of the nearby forests. While patrolling, they find evidence that may lead to the strange creature who seems to be provoking the Captain to madness. Pgs. 69-73

Cover of Giants Rapture
Giants Rapture
5th Edition
Levels 6–8
34 pages

Eurich Gunshoff IV, Count of Kleaves, is beset by powerful enemies. The King to the north has laid waste his holdings beyond the Tot River and even now threatens the river castles. Only the coming winter holds him at bay, giving the Count time, if only a little, to muster his strength. Long have the people of Kleaves worshiped the gods of the south, and it is to these people that he turns, striking a bargain with the powerful King of Kaymor. In exchange for a precious gift the Kayomarese promise to aid Eurich and his people, but it is Eurich’s charge to deliver the prize. He can spare few troops, and with spies all about he cannot be too careful. The prize he sets in a wagon in a caravan and as escort he calls upon those who dwell upon the fringes of society, adventurers who seek fame, gold and glory. They are charged to cross the wilderness and deliver the wagons safely. But the road is fraught with danger. Walls of stone block the road and winter upon the open plains carries dangers beyond the biting cold. But more than stone and frost, the end promises fire without comfort. Designed in 3 parts Giant’s Rapture offers overland travel, dungeon, and intrigue and pits the character’s wits against the open road and one another.

Cover of BMILL 01-02 Finding Kat
BMILL 01-02 Finding Kat
5th Edition
Levels 2–4
24 pages

The characters are introduced to the coup occurring in Whitehorn and are tasked with warning a friend, whose family is involved, about it. (characters can choose one instrument as a reward)

Cover of Humblewood: Adventure in the Wood
Humblewood: Adventure in the Wood
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
95 pages

There have been disturbing signs over the last few months, signalling that something is wrong in Humblewood. The troubles appear to originate from activity in the Scorched Grove, an ashen plain that was ravaged many centuries ago by a destructive fire. Whatever caused the fire has scarred the land with elemental magic, making it inhospitable to all but strange fire-based creatures. Of late, the Grove has begun to expand. At first, it was hard to notice the slow expansion, but those in tune with nature (especially the Tenders) could see the imbalance in the elemental forces of Humblewood. For many common folk, this imbalance has been experienced as unseasonal dryness, which has led to crop failure and an increased frequency of forest fires. There have also been a number of unusually aggressive emberbat clouds reported far outside of their natural ranges. The true nature of the danger still remains hidden from the people of the Wood. A corvum necromancer named Odwald Ebonhart has stirred the elemental aspect of fire, which has lain dormant beneath the Scorched Grove since its first burning. The aspect’s energies have begun to empower fire-based creatures within the Wood. The increased range of emberbat swarms have brought fires that have expanded the Grove. Many forest-dwellers, who have been left without homes, have turned to banditry to survive. Soon the elemental incarnation will break free, and players must find a way to stop the aspect of fire before it reduces the Wood to ashes.

Cover of Tangled Braids
Tangled Braids
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
7 pages

A spirit is attacking a town — no one knows why, but they’re determined to be rid of her. The adventuring party is recruited to investigate. However, what appears to be a simple haunting turns into a story of justice. Pgs. 43-59

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