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Cover of In League with Devils
In League with Devils
5th Edition
Level 6
27 pages

This adventure is a supplementary scenario for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, which can be used while the party is fleeing Elturel and are heading towards Fort Knucklebone at level six. It entails a bargain with Bagrivyek, the goblin deity of cooperation. The God offers them a deal they can’t refuse, significant magical assistance for their quest, should they become its test subjects in a fight to the death with some of its elite troops. Devils that have been infected with a special substance, which is called soul-ichor and was created by a psychomancer, in search of his own power. The heroes will have a chance to interact with a god and bargain with it, a fight to the death at the Hellbent Fighting Pits, and also get a chance to learn of or even be introduced into a long-forgotten school of magic. Will the players reap all the benefits of this god-deal, or suffer the consequences of failing?

Cover of Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep DF18
Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep DF18
Levels 3–5
35 pages

Disturbing shadows have grown long over the northern reaches of The Land of Song. The fierce people who once fished the chilly fjords and hunted in the evergreen peaks now huddle in their villages. An evil is abroad in the land. The heroes are charged by Jarl Yngvar with traveling to the Valley of the Sleeping Jarls, an old tomb in the hills where dead kings are laid to rest, to discover the source of the malevolence bearing down upon the land and with eradicating it. Who can say what evil lurks amid the towering peaks and shadowed fjords? For decades this malevolent being plotted his vengeance upon Hjalmar’s heirs, for the jarl had gone the way of all mortals. Taking for himself the name Mogens (“powerful”), this evil spirit, now a self-styled dark lord, gathered wicked cronies and servants to itself and came to the Valley of the Sleeping Jarls. There, he has spent nearly two decades corrupting and desecrating the sacred resting place, reshaping the hollowed tombs into a blasphemous temple to his infernal lord.

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