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Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #49: The Brinewall Legacy
Pathfinder Adventure Path #49: The Brinewall Legacy
Level 1
61 pages

The town of Sandpoint, Varisia, Inner Sea Region has put out a bounty on the nearby tribe of Licktoad Goblins in retribution for the goblins raiding traders and travelers near the quiet town. The party takes up the bounty and ventures into the swamp; eventually finding the goblin village in ruins and it's inhabitants scared in it's burned huts. The party finds out; either through investigation of the ruins or the goblins themselves; that a group of skeletons with eastern arms and armor had ransacked the village and took a stash of fireworks that the goblins stole from an old shipwreck. The party then makes it to this cave and finds it empty except for a half dozen skeletons. Further in past the skeletons is their leader, a skeletal samurai who fights the party in an attempt to defend his treasure. The treasure turns out to be a letter that reveals that secrets of the Kaijitsu family; the same family their good friend Ameiko who runs the Rusty Dragon inn belongs to; that lies in wait in the abandoned town of Brinewall to the northern boarder of Varisia. Ameiko along with several other important NPCs with a caravan north. It's recommended that GMs create encounters for the caravan trip north as it's essentially 3 weeks of travel with nothing in it. It's also recommended that GMs completely ignore caravan rules; they're not flushed out and they're not fun to run. The party and the caravan reaches the abandoned town of Brinewall where their friend Ameiko becomes possessed and is thrown into a coma; where the other NPCs agree to take care of her while the party explores the town and castle. The castle is a three floor behemoth of a dungeon populated by Dire Corbies, Troglodytes, and various other monsters all under the leadership of Kikonu, an Yamabushi Tengu Oni. The goal of exploring Brinewall Castle is to find the two keys to the vault; one of which is on the Yamabushi Tengu while the other is on a Half-Fiend Decapus that lives in the basement of Brinewall. Once the PCs enter the vault they find the Amatatsu Seal; one of the seals that cement authority to one of the ruling houses in Minkai of Tian Xia; as well as several visions that show that Ameiko Kaijitsu is the rightful heir to be ruler of Minkai and that they'll need to travel north to do so. Such ends the first book of six.

Cover of Rosethorn
5th Edition
Levels 2–5
8 pages

Goblin attacks have always plagued the farmers and merchants who live and travel along the roads leading to Whitesparrow. But a recent rash of new attacks are something different. The goblins of one particular tribe have gotten particularly smart, attacking with careful tactics and cunning ambushes. The village guards haven’t been able to outwit the goblins, even when laying traps of their own and hiring mercenaries to stop them. Even as goblins go, Rosethorn isn’t much to look at. He’s small and runty, and yet a lucky break placed him in charge of the Brownleaf goblin tribe. When he claimed a powerful magic relic from a dead wizard three months ago, Rosethorn found his intellect multiplied many times over. The world began to make a more intricate kind of sense to him, and he saw patterns in the ways other folk traveled the roads. After hiring a spy in Whitesparrow to tell him which wagons to pursue, Rosethorn cunningly bribed the wagons’ guards to throw battles in the goblins’ favor. He then moved the lair of the Brownleaf tribe away from their dank caves and into the ruins of the Bearded Man—an enormous dead tree at the center of the Howling Wood. There, Rosethorn continues his campaign of ambush against the foolish villagers, increasing his wealth and power with each robbery.

Cover of Blood on the Trail
Blood on the Trail
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
12 pages

Bale, the kind gnome and owner of Bale's Outfitting Outpost, requests that the adventurers track down a group of youngsters that rented horses from him. The horses are overdue and Bale believes that he may have been swindled. Unbeknownst to the gnome, the party of young adventurers has met a dark fate. Will your adventurers accept Bale's request to track down the youngsters and, in doing so, find out what really happened? Or will they leave more blood on the trail? The module includes an introduction to Bale's Outfitting Outpost, encounter stat blocks, maps, and a battle stat tracker. Note: You do not need the Bale's Outfitting Outpost module to run this adventure.

Cover of Oddities & Odysseys: The Dread Tailor
Oddities & Odysseys: The Dread Tailor
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
24 pages

A new threat preys on the local trade road. Rumored to have ties to the legendary undead wizards, Vecna and Acererak, Geoff the Dread Tailor has awakened to garner his revenge on the living. A group of stalwart heroes must arise to put an end to the Dread Tailor’s depravations or all will be lost. This adventure includes: a small village of friendly allies, an optional haunted ruin to discover, an entire lair of creatures (with map!) to explore, three new magic items, two new monster descriptions, interactive document links, and more fun than a bag of scorpions (don't ask)!

Cover of Rauvin Vale: Tomb of the Barakor
Rauvin Vale: Tomb of the Barakor
5th Edition
Level 1
12 pages

Goblins of the Malauth tribe have occupied a dwarven crypt in the Nether Mountains. When a dwarf from the hamlet of Hilltop goes missing, his brother enlists adventurers in Rauvin Vale to head up to the tomb and discover what happened to him. An introductory adventure for 1st level characters.

Cover of Juggernaut
Levels 4–7
5 pages

"Several small wagon trains have recently been overrun by a force of goblins and wolves while the former were camped out at night. Among the attackers was a titanic black beast on which some of the goblins rode, a monster so huge that it crushed whole wagons beneath its feet and flung horses and riders aside with its arms." --from the adventure. Includes an extensive narrative opening to the adventure and a map of the cave system.

Cover of Jaunt: Blood in the Snow
Jaunt: Blood in the Snow
Levels 2–4
18 pages

Farms in the hamlet of Winterton are being raided at night. Who, or what, is doing the raiding is a mystery. Animals have disappeared and now a visiting merchant has gone missing. The only clue is a blood drenched hat sitting in the snow along a stretch of road. Blood in the Snow is intended as a small side-adventure set in Winter, in a tiny village in the Bay of Spirits. A desperate clan of goblins are raiding the settlement and the player characters have been asked, or hired, to help. Published by Roan Studio

Cover of Mischief Makers
Mischief Makers
5th Edition
Level 2
26 pages

The town of Oallhelm is small and remote – for years they’ve been prosperous, peaceful, and self-sufficient. That's why it was such a surprise when the hobgoblin Thetch Blindeye led a war band of goblins into town and started terrorizing Oallhelm’s citizens! The PCs are on the outskirts of Oallhelm when they learn town square is overrun with the invaders – the goblins are now feasting in the streets, starting fires, setting traps, and terrorizing anyone left behind. They must drive out these mischief makers to save the town!

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