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Cover of The Terror of Haverford
The Terror of Haverford
5th Edition
Level 1
49 pages

This Adventure is based on the web comic series, Table Titans. It is set in the same village that part of the comic takes place in, however the path of the adventure does not follow the story line set in the comics. There are familiar elements that are a wink and a nod to fans of the comic, but it is a unique story. The adventure is set around the village of Haverford, currently beset by an unknown [i]Terror[/i] that has resulted in many many deaths in the surrounding forest. The adventures have arrived at this once peaceful hamlet and if they discover the source of the [i]Terror[/i] plaguing the region they will be handsomely rewarded. The Terror of Haverford is a starter adventure. Characters will advance from level 1 to 4 if completed. This adventure has both social and combat encounters, as well as combat encounters that can be solved socially. If characters aren't thorough in their investigations they will be taken by surprise by what lies ahead.

Cover of Lurker Beneath Red Larch
Lurker Beneath Red Larch
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
13 pages

"Ribbons of blood dance through the air, tracing wide crimson arcs before fraying into thousands upon thousands of bright red droplets. The cheerful tavern atmosphere evaporates in a moment, rent apart by screams and cries. A woman with grey hair stands near the bar, grasping at the dagger in her throat with fingers made slippery by blood. She sways and collapses. More screams. A man stands before her. He is holding the hilt of the dagger, but lets it slip from a gory hand as the woman falls. He freezes for a moment, then spins and sprints away, knocking aside people as he goes. A young, flaxen-haired woman at the back of the tavern cries out, “Stop him! Stop him!” as he approaches the entrance – the entrance where you and your comrades are standing. What do you do?" A lonely outsider murders a popular village local before a room full of witnesses. But could he be innocent? The Lurker Beneath Red Larch is a 4-6 hour adventure for characters of 3rd-4th level. It is full of roleplaying, problem solving and challenging combat encounters.

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