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Cover of In the Black Hours part 2
In the Black Hours part 2
Levels 6–9
8 pages

After successfully protecting the crown in Part 1, the city council asks you to find and stop the demonic force infecting the thieves guild. Continuation from part 1 found in Polyhedron #22 Pgs. 13-20

Cover of S2 White Plume Mountain
S2 White Plume Mountain
Levels 5–10
16 pages

A traditional "funhouse" dungeon, White Plume Mountain begins with the archmage Keraptis stealing three artifacts and leaving cryptic poems with their former owners. The players are hired to recover the items, and find a bizarre dungeon in the side of the eponymous volcano. TSR 9027

Cover of Deception Pass
Deception Pass
Levels 7–9
23 pages

Looks can lie as well as words. Magical minotaurs? Mutant giants? Vampires? One or more of these is preying upon the caravans, and you're going to stop them. A band of ogre magi took over an abandoned dwarven stronghold and have started ambushing merchant caravans. Their leader, Krugii, wants to gain enough power to eventually control a kingdom. In his quest for power, he has bonded a young bronze dragon and has accelerated its growth. The ogre mages all have different personalities and different forms that they prefer to polymorph into. The PCs are hired to take a caravan through Deception Pass and protect it against the random monsters that have been marauding lately (actually ogre mages in disguise). After protecting the caravan, the players track the attacks back to the stronghold of the ogre magi and clear it out. Pgs. 40-62

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