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Cover of Orc Stronghold
Orc Stronghold
4th Edition
Level 3
6 pages

A force of orcs has taken over a small hilltop keep. The PCs are engaged by the local lord to rid his home of the intruders. Fortunately for the PCs, the keep’s main doors are still damaged from when the orcs took possession, and entry is relatively easy. Unfortunately, the orcs are determined to stay. Pgs. 24-29

Cover of Defense of First Tower
Defense of First Tower
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
35 pages

In this adventure for the Eberron Campaign Setting a group of adventurers travels to the well known but seldom explored thorp of First Tower, 27 miles north of Sharn, the City of Towers. The adventurers must solve a terrible event that happens on the House Orien lightning rail, but then will have some time to relax and have fun in the many events and fun things that happen in the festive town of First tower. In the third act, the adventurers must find a way to fight or negotiate with an orc tribe that claims a section of the land as theirs.

Cover of After Lost Mine I: Orcs to Phandalin
After Lost Mine I: Orcs to Phandalin
5th Edition
Levels 5–6
14 pages

The Ghost Tribe of Orcs have been driven from their home under the Sword Mountains by some terrible evil and they now see Phandalin as their best option for a new home. The heroes, who are on their way to Phandalin for a much needed rest after their adventures in the Lost Mine, must make it to town in time to warn the inhabitants and help prepare for the orc attack. Orcs to Phandalin is the first of four parts in the After Lost Mine series and will detail the trip to Phandalin. There will be three subsequent adventures: Part II, which details the battle to save the city; Part III, which details the trip to the orc’s cave settlement; and Part IV, detailing the party’s mission to deal with the terror from the Underdark that drove the orcs out of their home.

Cover of B11 King's Festival
B11 King's Festival
Levels 1–3
32 pages

Someone has "borrowed" a cleric, and without him, the fabled King's Festival cannot go on. Unfortunately, it looks like the orcs have him, and your characters must rescue him. A great learning adventure, King's Festival provides players and DMs with a valuable introduction to fantasy role-playing in the land of Karameikos. Full of helpful hints for the players and the DM, this module also provides a full dose of excitement! Orcs, carrion crawlers, and villains challenge the characters' fighting skills, and a host of traps and puzzles confound their wits! TSR 9260

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