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Cover of Atop The Mountain
Atop The Mountain
5th Edition
Level 11
3 pages

She lay down her sword and wept; her tears are the water. She lay down her body and slept; her bones are the fountain. Atop the mountain, at the war’s end, a place for gods to wonder.

Cover of Factions of Sigil - Skaldon's Dome
Factions of Sigil - Skaldon's Dome
5th Edition
Level 10
9 pages

We get it. Factions are an integral part of D&D, but it's not always clear how to use them in your campaigns. Luckily, Factions of Sigil has you covered for each of the twelve main factions found across Sigil and the Outlands! This supplement goes over the various rules and lore around the primary factions found in Sigil and the Outlands, making it easy for any new or veteran DMs to integrate the factions more into the core stories being told, and making them feel more useful for the players that choose to join. In this adventure, the Mind's Eye of Sigil requests the characters travel to a secretive dome created by former member Skaldon, and follow his path to enlightenment.

Cover of Orc Blade & Elven Blood
Orc Blade & Elven Blood
5th Edition
Levels 8–11
24 pages

A monastic community of elves and orcs worshipping a divine daughter of both Corellon and Gruumsh tried to bring peace and reconciliation between the two races. For their trouble, they were wiped out by zealots and erased from history. Centuries later, their mountaintop temple is rediscovered -- and rumor has it that two artifacts hearkening back to the very origin of elvenkind and orcdom are concealed within....

Cover of Madness of the Valkyries
Madness of the Valkyries
5th Edition
Level 12
7 pages

Hundreds of years have passed since the great war of Valhalla, but the repercussions are known throughout the lands. The Valkyries were once Odin’s greatest warriors who ferried the dead to the eternal resting place of Valhalla. Odin tells it that their duties asked too much of them and their minds were corrupted. In fits of uncontrollable rage and anguish, they began to slaughter the warriors they once protected. Only four Valkyries survived the war; in their cowardice, they fled to Midgard and hid amongst the mortals. You have been tasked with finding the last Valkyrie and destroying her, once and for all ending the Madness of the Valkyries. But there may be more to learn in the once-great halls.

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