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Cover of WS4 Samauri's Fall
WS4 Samauri's Fall
Levels 5–9
21 pages

With the docks of Distant Turtle City behind them, the challenge of the city's castle still lies ahead. Ancient dwarven samurai were lords of the mighty estate, but now it has fallen to darkness. What secrets and horrors might be found there are disheartening enough, but with a city of the shadow dead at their backs, the adventurers have little choice but to put an end to Molo's corruptions once and for all. Come join the battle against legendary tortoise oni, stealthy gaint mantises, corrupted beasts, undead half-dwarven guards, and even a rumored shadow dragon! This adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules. Also available in PDF.

Cover of WGS1 Five Shall Be One
WGS1 Five Shall Be One
Levels 7–10
71 pages

Adventure in the world of Greyhawk! Powerful forces are set in motion as your party searches for the legendary Blades of Corusk. Take them on the perilous journey from Rookroost to the Lair of the Shadow Dragon in the frozen northlands. Will they survive the ramifications of events that they have initiated? Those who hold the magical blades will not easily give them up. Plucking them from the grasp of a jealous dragon or stealing them from the center of the subterranean City of the Ore Horde will strain your adventurers to their limits! TSR 9317

Cover of In Memoriam
In Memoriam
5th Edition
Levels 5–20
8 pages

This quest is for a party whose members all perished in the same encounter. The loss of an entire party is hard to recover from and often spells the end of an adventure. However, with the assistance of the enigmatic Raven Queen, the party’s tale might not be over just yet. The characters must wander through the Fortress of Memories; confront their pasts, present selves, and possible futures to return to life. Includes a quest-related NPC that a player can control if they're waiting for their character to be resurrected.

Cover of The Travelling Salesman
The Travelling Salesman
5th Edition
Levels 1–20
44 pages

A magic shop, The Travelling Salesman, has appeared in town just in time for the party's arrival. This shop specialises in being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, for the right adventurers. Its wisteria-covered frontage adorns any old blank wall space, and immediately looks like it's been there for decades. Large paned windows are smeared with age-old dirt and hint at the vast array of interesting objects inside. The shop belongs to Yannik Willowbough, an exhausted-but-jovial halfling with a passion for helping others. At least, it belongs to Yannik now. It was once home to a lich, Verdenia Siskin, who has recently concocted the perfect way to exact her revenge. She just needs a party of adventurer's to turn to her point of view. This adventure contains: - A (hungry) planes-travelling magic shop and former home of a powerful lich. - A lich who takes particular delight in winding adventurers around her little finger to do her bidding. - A planar tear that threatens to pull the whole town (or more!) into the Shadowfell. - A spooky house of delights. - NPCs whose motives will be thoroughly questioned by the party. - A 3—10 hour adventure for a party of any level and composition - Depending on the outcome the party may also benefit from: - A planes-travelling base of operations - A recurrent NPC quest-giver and/or helper - A devious, and eternally patient, antagonist. - Four original hand-drawn maps to support combat and exploration, with seperate versions suitable for VTTs. - Advice for new DMs to run this adventure smoothly. - A separate accessible adventure pdf. This adventure was written as part of the Storytelling Collective's Write Your First Adventure workshop. Content warnings: Horror, gore

Cover of FR-DC-LIGA-02 - House of Shadow
FR-DC-LIGA-02 - House of Shadow
5th Edition
Levels 5–10
46 pages

The Dark Lady has spread chaos and ruin across the Dessarin Valley, causing great misfortune to nearly all adventurers and guilds that visit. Thus, it is time to endeavor to bring this power to heel, helping save the Savage Frontier or deal with this threat in a more permanent way. Dive into one of her lairs, Rundreth Manor, survive the horrors within, and end her tyranny. A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8. A stand-alone adventure. Part of the Forgotten Wyrms Anthology. Content Warning: Slavery, sexual coercion, charm and physical contact (illusions), cannibalism, mental torture.

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