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Cover of Temple of the Deep Ones
Temple of the Deep Ones
5th Edition
Level 7
2 pages

"Temple of the Deep Ones" is the lair of a group of deep ones and their god, suitable for four or five 7th-level characters. This adventure can be finished in one session. Ship captains report that a mysterious island has surfaced in the middle of a heavily trafficked trade route. Worse, ships that venture too close to the island are assaulted by a terrible creature and its servants. The island is disrupting trade throughout this part of the world, and several ships have already been lost. Unbeknownst to those that know of the place, the island rises at the will of Shar-Ngolyeth, a long-lost deity also known as That Which Lurks Beneath the Waves. The island is populated by a cult of deep ones and the beasts they have subjugated in the name of their dark god. The creature responsible for sinking ships is an aspect of Shar-Ngolyeth, a kraken. It is not meant for combat encounters; it's largely a plot device in this encounter.

Cover of River of Blood
River of Blood
3rd Edition
Levels 7–9
48 pages

For centuries, the Three Kingdoms have warred endlessly. The river flowing through it holds so many dead on its banks that the locals call it the River of Blood. But now, a new peril rises. With all three armies tucked into their winter camps, patrols and outposts on all sides report ambushes with alarming frequency - those who survive to make their reports, that is. None can say just who attacked them, however, for the assailants appear from the fog or in the middle of a snowstorm, hit hard and fast, then disappear. Arden, Duke Regent of Tyndall, fears that the dead have risen to haunt the living. Is he right?

Cover of Touch of Winter
Touch of Winter
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
5 pages

Though villagers fear the monster in the water, the rusalka seeks the help of a party of adventurers to save her sister. The local village is welcoming and kind on the surface, but many there hide a dark secret that they would do anything to keep concealed. Pgs. 29-33

Cover of Madness in Freeport
Madness in Freeport
3.5 Edition
Levels 4–6
72 pages

Madness in Freeport, the final part of the Freeport Trilogy, details the final confrontation between the PCs, the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, and Sea Lord Milton Drac. In Part One, the Drac invites the PCs to the Grand Lighthouse Ball. Careful investigation can reveal the secret purpose of the lighthouse. In Parts Two and Three, the PCs must recover a powerful artifact to thwart the Brotherhood's plans. They must pass through an infamous pirate's hidden caves, then search a sunken temple of the serpent god Yig. In Part Four, the heroes must enter the Grand Lighthouse, AKA Milton's Folly, in a race against time to stop the Brotherhood's world-shaking master plan from coming to fruition. (Bibliographic note: This adventure was originally written for v.3.0, and later updated to the v.3.5 rules. The revised versions of Death, Terror, and Madness in Freeport were reprinted in an omnibus edition, along with two shorter filler adventures, as The Freeport Edition: Five Year Anniversary Edition.)

Cover of Visions of the Vault: One Page Dungeons: Crypt of the Pale Vein
Visions of the Vault: One Page Dungeons: Crypt of the Pale Vein
5th Edition
Levels 1–9
1 pages

The chapel, once populated by the priests and priestesses of Eldath has now been desecrated by cult of necromancers who sought its secrets to prolonged life. They soon discovered the bodies of the chapel’s clerics they slew, and those interred in the catacombs below, were unnaturally strengthened and preserved by the chapel’s white waters. Their bodies were soon used to create powerful undead. Seeing this desecration of her followers, Eldath stemmed the flow of her life-giving waters. The cultists remain in her chapel, seeking to corrupt the well and harness its powers for their vile plans. Published by Arcana Games.

Cover of Oddities & Odysseys: The Dread Tailor
Oddities & Odysseys: The Dread Tailor
5th Edition
Levels 1–2
24 pages

A new threat preys on the local trade road. Rumored to have ties to the legendary undead wizards, Vecna and Acererak, Geoff the Dread Tailor has awakened to garner his revenge on the living. A group of stalwart heroes must arise to put an end to the Dread Tailor’s depravations or all will be lost. This adventure includes: a small village of friendly allies, an optional haunted ruin to discover, an entire lair of creatures (with map!) to explore, three new magic items, two new monster descriptions, interactive document links, and more fun than a bag of scorpions (don't ask)!

Cover of A Starry Breach
A Starry Breach
5th Edition
Levels 2–3
3 pages

The party arrives at an abandoned outpost in a frozen landscape. The outpost appears to have suffered some strange attack. A halfmad scholar from a distant city hides in the outpost; he is drawn to the region by his visions of a breach in the ice nearby—a breach he believes leads to the realms beyond the stars. Heading east, the party finds that the breach is no simple chasm in the ice, and its scaled guardian does not appreciate its work being interrupted. In this frozen and otherworldly adventure the party must overcome rimy insects, a void dragon wyrmling, and the pull of the breach itself.

Cover of The Sepulchre of Seven
The Sepulchre of Seven
Levels 5–7
70 pages

A 39-room OSR dungeon module for character levels 5-7. Designed for use with the Old-School Essentials ruleset, compatible with most old-school pen-and-paper RPGs. Long ago a half-elf, half deer-centaur named Jayne led a small guerilla band against the armies of an evil fae witch. They prevailed at terrible cost. Monsters moved into her hideout-turned-sepulchre, still haunted by Jayne’s ennemies and companions, and a ghost longing to complete his vengeance... Adventurers will discover the fates and true faces of unremembered heres. Will they get out with forgotten riches, or become the latest victims of a centuries-old tragedy?

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