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Cover of The Alchemists' Guildhall
The Alchemists' Guildhall
5th Edition
Level 6
4 pages

"The Alchemists' Guildhall" is a rusalka lair suitable for four or five 6th-level characters. This adventure can be completed in one session.

Cover of DDAL08-05 The Hero of the Troll Wars
DDAL08-05 The Hero of the Troll Wars
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
21 pages

Hurtling through time, you find yourself embroiled in a struggle to keep the fledgling town of Waterdeep from succumbing to a vicious Troll invasion. But sometimes the true threat lies within the city walls... Part Two of the Folded Time Trilogy.

Cover of PL4 - Incursion of the Hobgoblins
PL4 - Incursion of the Hobgoblins
5th Edition
Levels 4–6
18 pages

After basking in the glory of your accomplishments, you learn of a problem with a caravan attack. A group of possibly Goblins have brazenly attacked the Hamlet of Kako, burning it to the ground. The information comes from a local farmer that witnessed the carnage. Pack your gear…time to go back to work in the Principality of Lockerbie!

Cover of After the Green Heart
After the Green Heart
5th Edition
Levels 4–5
7 pages

This exploration adventure is planned to be played by 4 to 5 level 4 characters. The characters, led by old Maddie (who also hides a big secret), will go deep into the swamp and into the caves to retrieve the green heart.

Cover of The Crypt of Istaris
The Crypt of Istaris
Levels 3–5
14 pages

It's all over (and literally so) after midnight. A mission with an unforgiving deadline. The characters must remove the magically-infused remains of a dead wizard and his medallion from a crypt. Pgs. 10-23

Cover of Curse of the Brine Witch
Curse of the Brine Witch
Levels 1–3
28 pages

After being singled out by a mad prophet as the ones who must defeat the Brine Witch, the PCs are hired to uncover the secret of the plague of curses. This is the first of a series of connected adventures contained within Return to Freeport. All six adventures together should take characters from 1st to 12th level. Adds a new creature template: Sand-blighted

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #32: Rivers Run Red (Kingmaker 2 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #32: Rivers Run Red (Kingmaker 2 of 6)
Level 5
100 pages

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4th-level characters, this volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path is part 2 of 6 of the Kingmaker Adventure Path, in which the heroes win and defend a small kingdom from threats foreign and domestic. PCs should advance to 7th level by the end of this adventure. The PCs receive a shipment of funds, materials, and colonists from Brevoy and beyond, along with instructions to build a town and attract more pioneers to their nascent country. Having already explored the northern reaches of their new domain, the PCs must now venture into the wilds to bring the rule of law to the south. Wicked fey inhabiting a ruined keep, undead haunting an ancient barrow mound, and others must be defeated to make the region ever more secure. Along the way, the PCs might also have the opportunity to ally themselves with some of the region’s local residents, including the dryad druid Tiressia, her satyr consort Falchos, and a band of gnome explorers called the Narthropple Expedition. In addition, the PCs will be called upon to mediate between two rival factions in the area: a group of independent loggers and the angry fey sorceress who opposes them. As they explore, evidence that a group of trolls is stirring up trouble in the region becomes apparent. Meanwhile, the PCs must deal with events within their burgeoning kingdom—a rabble rouser seeks to oust the PCs from their positions of power, the secretive cult of the hag goddess Gyronna has infiltrated the town, and a werewolf is preying on the townsfolk. All of these events build to the adventure’s twin climaxes: the sudden assault on their capital city by an owlbear of unprecedented size and the expansion of Hargulka’s trolls into the north. Faced with danger on multiple fronts, the PCs must draw upon all of their resources and bravery to become the undisputed rulers of the Greenbelt.

Cover of The Hyqueous Vaults
The Hyqueous Vaults
Levels 2–4
20 pages

The Hyqueous Vaults is a site-based dungeon with water and necromancy themes, some tricky/puzzling situations, and plenty of opportunity for combat.
 A challenging and lucrative module for 6-8 characters, averaging 3rd level. A centuries-old map leads to a mysterious cliffside complex, rumored to be flooded, and supposedly holding a dead necromancer’s fortune. Sages believe the arm-length metal implement accompanying the map must be some sort of key. The complex stands ripe for exploration by a party sufficiently strong and sneaky to wrest any treasures from the depths within. Written in celebration of OSRIC’s 10th Birthday.

Cover of Swamped
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
7 pages

Outside Briar Glen lies a dangerous swamp, and deep within it runs the Weeping River. Those who venture too far into the swampland near the river are overcome with grief and cry until their tears turn to blood. If they’re lucky, they die quickly. Lately, however, women in town disappear into the swamp near the Weeping River at night... and return in the morning, entranced but unscathed. Their families want to know why they return at sunrise with no memory of the previous night. These women found themselves a friend in the boo-hag, angry at the townsfolk for damaging her swamp. She initiated the women into her coven and tasked them to drain the life energy from their families to help the boo-hag heal the swamp.

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