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Cover of Back To The Sea
Back To The Sea
5th Edition
Levels 3–4
11 pages

Uncover the curious tale... When the party are shipwrecked they take shelter in an old forgotten cottage. They soon find themselves uncovering the mysterious death. One thing is for sure, they are not alone... Back to the sea is a 3-5 hour one shot, recommended for Level 3-4 adventurers. It offers a refreshing and different look at Ghosts in D&D. Contains 3 beautiful original digitally illustrated Maps. Unique Monsters and interesting combat scenario. Encourages player creativity and problem solving. Screen reader version.

Cover of D&D Encounters Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade
D&D Encounters Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade
4th Edition
Level 1
55 pages

What begins as a simple expedition to settle a new village in the ruins of the mysterious Castle Inverness sets off a chain of events that could threaten every living being from Winterhaven to Hammerfast. Not everyone in the Nentir Vale is happy to see civilization brought to Inverness, particularly the ghost of Salazar Vladistone, who commands the spectral legion called the Phantom Brigade. "March of the Phantom Brigade" is an adventure designed for season 4 of the Dungeons & Dragons Encounters official play program. It includes the information the Dungeon Master needs to run the adventure, thirteen ready-to-play encounters (each intended for one session of play), and full-color foldout battle maps depicting the various encounter locations.

Cover of City by the Silt Sea Box Set
City by the Silt Sea Box Set
Levels 5–9
192 pages

Something awakens beneath the ruins of ancient Giustenal, the City by the Silt Sea. Many have tried to discover the secrets of this forsaken place, to plunder its legendary treasures. Few have returned from its shadowy embrace. Did they run afoul of savage raiders in the desert wastes? Did they lose their way in a sudden sandstorm only to sink hopelessly into the blowing, shifting silt? Perhaps they heard the psionic voice of the Caller in Darkness and succumbed to its mesmerizing summons? Or did they meet the true master of the ruins, a being as old as the Dragon and just as terrifying?... The burning world has reached a critical stage. For Athas, it could mean the start of a time of renewal, or it could herald the end of the world! It all begins in the ruins of Giustenal, in a place from another age, in the corpse of a shattered, long-dead city. Something stirs in the City by the Silt Sea. Something evil.... TSR 2432

Cover of Dungeon Full of Monsters
Dungeon Full of Monsters
Level 1
352 pages

Dungeon Full of Monsters is a modular megadungeon for use with Labyrinth Lord and other old school fantasy role-playing games. The megadungeon is composed of 50 individual sections, separated into 5 different levels. You can assemble these in any configuration you like, either randomly or not, either before the campaign or on-the-fly in play. You can also use these sectiosn on their own, without reference to the larger dungeon itself. The second half of the book contains dozens of monsters, illustrated in full colour, often with multiple variations and types. Combined with the unique monsters located in specific dungeon sections, this book contains over 150 different monster stat blocks. There are criminal organizations, insane cultists, meddling deities, evil wizards, undead kings, infernal demons and other invaders from beyond the stars, numerous unspeakable horrors and arcane beasts, and even a few rival adventurers. Use these monsters with this dungeon or any other. Specific conversion guidelines for The Nightmares Underneath are also provided.

Cover of The Creepy Handshake
The Creepy Handshake
5th Edition
Levels 1–3
14 pages

The Creepy Handshake is a dark comedy 5e micro-adventure of urban investigation. Wander around the city, investigate the latest robberies, and uncover the mystery of a strange lost pet. This adventure is part of the supplement Tiny Weird Adventures - Urban Edition, a collection of short adventures to be used in conjunction with the fifth edition of the most popular fantasy RPG of recent times. Although it was written with a system in mind, it can be easily adapted to any other medieval fantasy RPG.

Cover of The Feypool Beauty
The Feypool Beauty
5th Edition
Level 5
66 pages

Surrounded by miles of hostile swampland, Feypool isn’t a place too many adventurers seek out. But a group of travelers discover that this small duchy is under siege by a strange threat: Marietta Truelight. Otherworldly beautiful and abnormally charming, all but a handful of Feypoolers have fallen under her spell, becoming a fanatical hive mind willing to do anything for her. But Marietta is planning something sinister, the answer buried within Feypool’s superstitions and bleak history. The Feypool Beauty features a number of horror elements including body horror, suspense, intrigue, and some classic tropes similar to body snatchers. What secrets will you uncover? What atrocities of devotion will you witness? And will you be able to resist the influence of the Feypool Beauty?

Cover of Humblewood: Adventure in the Wood
Humblewood: Adventure in the Wood
5th Edition
Levels 1–5
95 pages

There have been disturbing signs over the last few months, signalling that something is wrong in Humblewood. The troubles appear to originate from activity in the Scorched Grove, an ashen plain that was ravaged many centuries ago by a destructive fire. Whatever caused the fire has scarred the land with elemental magic, making it inhospitable to all but strange fire-based creatures. Of late, the Grove has begun to expand. At first, it was hard to notice the slow expansion, but those in tune with nature (especially the Tenders) could see the imbalance in the elemental forces of Humblewood. For many common folk, this imbalance has been experienced as unseasonal dryness, which has led to crop failure and an increased frequency of forest fires. There have also been a number of unusually aggressive emberbat clouds reported far outside of their natural ranges. The true nature of the danger still remains hidden from the people of the Wood. A corvum necromancer named Odwald Ebonhart has stirred the elemental aspect of fire, which has lain dormant beneath the Scorched Grove since its first burning. The aspect’s energies have begun to empower fire-based creatures within the Wood. The increased range of emberbat swarms have brought fires that have expanded the Grove. Many forest-dwellers, who have been left without homes, have turned to banditry to survive. Soon the elemental incarnation will break free, and players must find a way to stop the aspect of fire before it reduces the Wood to ashes.

Cover of Dark Waters Rising
Dark Waters Rising
Level 5
38 pages

Catastrophe strikes the frontier village of Swallowfeld! With a grinding groan, the town’s mill slews into the Kilian River and breaks through the ceiling of an ancient subterranean dungeon. This accident frees a long-imprisoned evil to prey upon the shocked townsfolk. When several Swallowfeld residents—some innocent and some not so innocent—are spirited away into the rapidly flooding dungeon, it falls to a brave group of heroes to venture underground and rescue the missing before dark, rising waters seal their fate.

Cover of The Cycle of Cerberus
The Cycle of Cerberus
5th Edition
Levels 5–8
50 pages

Inspired by the 12 Labors of Hercules in Greek mythology, this adaptation incorporates the classic quests, monsters, and motifs of ancient myth while injecting our interpretation of the personality and flavour of the world's greatest roleplaying game. As a result, though those familiar with the original myth may recognize key similarities in this adventure, it has been designed with the goal of re-formatting and reframing these heroic tasks in a new light, suitable for an entire mini-campaign fit for a whole group of brave and heroic adventurers. Use the Village of Kalogeros to incorporate each labor into a long running quest, or take bits and pieces and re-flavor them as necessary to fit your game. The choice is yours. Either way, we hope you enjoy.

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