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Cover of Throne of the Dead
Throne of the Dead
5th Edition
Level 3
2 pages

A secret ruin has been discovered beneath the king's palace and the adventurers must seek out a missing wizard who went exploring. The royal palace was built on the remains of a keep that was abandoned many years ago. Recent renovations have uncovered a secret passage that leads deep beneath the castle, and the court wizard Dorja went down to investigate... he hasn't been seen since. What no one knows is that the ruins beneath the castle are actually a temple to a dark god. Inside, undead husks roam that once worshipped there before they were sealed in long ago. The high priest of the temple, wishing to elongate his life, made a pact with a dark god and became a vampire. Now he waits on his throne for the day when he'll be freed from his self-imposed prison.

Cover of DDAL04-05 The Seer
DDAL04-05 The Seer
5th Edition
Levels 1–4
15 pages

The time has come to venture beyond the village of Orașnou and explore the realm of Barovia. However, in your travels, you happen across an unusual tribe of peopl —distrusted denizens of the Demiplane of Dread. Do the Vistani truly possess the ability to see the future, or is it simple parlor tricks and deceit? Part Five of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts.

Cover of The Dark Night Before Christmas
The Dark Night Before Christmas
5th Edition
Level 10
8 pages

With the approaching winter, cold winds and long nights, the people of North get excited about its centuries-long tradition: the visit of Mage Nicholai Klaus Noah, the bearer of good fortunes and gift-giver. However, for the first time in over century, Nicholai is late! At first, the people didn't bother, but as days and nights passed, rumors increased until it finally evolved to a complete despair as numerous children started disappearing from all over the place! The council has decided to find those children and learn what happened to the beloved Mage. And they are willing to pay a considerable reward for that.

Cover of The Graveyard Shift
The Graveyard Shift
5th Edition
Level 1
22 pages

The city of Stonewood has seen a number of strange disturbances of late: grave robbings, disappearances, and recently a spate of murders. Adair Wyatt, a local merchant, has asked you to help him find his missing brother Dayton. His last known whereabouts? Stonewood's necropolis, where he works as a gravedigger... The Graveyard Shift is the first in the Adventure on Tap series. The adventure centers on the city of Stonewood but can easily be transferred to any medium or large settlement as long as there is a graveyard nearby and access to a local forest. The adventure was designed to have an equal balance of combat, exploration, puzzle, and role-playing encounters.

Cover of City of the Dead
City of the Dead
5th Edition
Levels 3–5
20 pages

City of the Dead A 4th Level adventure for 4-6 players A strange thief wandered into Waterdeep and stole from the wrong person. Now, he has died of “natural causes” on his visit to the City of Splendors. Having no known friends or relatives, he was hastily buried, along with his possessions, at Waterdeep’s Cemetery (The City of the Dead) in The Road’s End Tomb. While the PCs are dining in the taproom at The Dripping Dagger Inn, they are approached by a stranger who claims that the unknown man had stolen a necklace from his employer, and he needs the adventures to reclaim it. Unfortunately, the thief’s fresh corpse has been pilfered by a dire evil with unknown motives. What starts off as a simple recovery mission, turns into a fight for survival in the City of the Dead. The Adventurers must solve the mystery and destroy the evil that lurks beneath the cemetery, if they are to succeed in their quest and escape with their lives!

Cover of Blood & Gold
Blood & Gold
5th Edition
Low, Medium Level
9 pages

Blood and Gold is an adventure involving crime, drugs and vampires. The quest takes place in an urban area and can be played in any (low) fantasy campaign setting. This scenario features a new captivating and deadly drug. The storyline is hardboiled and probably better fitting for characters of low morality, who won’t take to heart when it comes down to beating people in order to extract information and working for thugs and criminals. Still, the party can be kindhearted and their reasons for meddling with a shady crowd can be for a just cause. But by the end of the day, they themselves will be tempted with the pleasures of sinister life. Adventure Synopsis: Vampire Aris is a self-proclaimed prince of thieves and murderers. He is a ruler of the underground and a demon of night. Aris rose to power through gold and a drug he created from his own blood. Red Sinew is highly addictive, but gives pleasure mortals can’t resist. Aris is a sole vampire who knows how to create this potent toxin, or at least that’s what he thinks. Couple of months ago, his business got stale. There is a new dealer on the street who did not only steal Aris’ local customers but also his exporters. The ancient Vampire is furious as his dominion is shaken. He is set on revenge and blood will be shed, mortal and immortal alike.

Cover of Factions of Phandalin - Iniarv's Tower
Factions of Phandalin - Iniarv's Tower
5th Edition
Level 5
29 pages

This book goes over the various rules around the faction of the Harpers in Phandalin and the Forgotten Realms, making it easy for any new or veteran DMs to integrate it more into the core stories being told, and making the faction feel more useful for the players that choose to join. The adventure sees the characters on a mission to Iniarv's Tower, sent to search for the artifact, Bowgentle's Spellbook, and rescue the fellow Harper member, Brodven.

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