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Cover of Rise of the Redscales
Rise of the Redscales
5th Edition
Level 4
20 pages

Two feuding kobold tribes have been left alone in their dragon queen's lair. Without supervision, surrounded by the wealth of nations and piles of magical artifacts. How long before things devolve into utter chaos? Set inside an enormous dragon's lair, the adventure allows players to take control of the best and brightest among the kobold tribe known as the Redscales. Their entire lives they have been the Dragon Queen's minions and her lair's caretakers. But the Dragon Queen has been gone for some time now and an ancient feud with another kobold tribe (the Bluescales) is about to be a rekindled. And the trap- and treasure-filled lair is to become their battleground. The gameplay is a mix of roleplaying, involving some tough moral choices (well, tough for kobolds), solving puzzles and wacky combat with kobolds wielding powerful ancient artifacts. There is an abundance of magic items, specially chosen for their potential to lead to hilarious situations.

Cover of The Sparking Spire
The Sparking Spire
5th Edition
Levels 8–9
3 pages

The spire has existed for as long as locals can remember. Rising above the sand near the ocean, the spire is topped by a natural cave system. Stories about the place circulate around the docks and taverns of the nearby towns—dark tales of ritual sacrifice and the worship of long dead gods of lightning and storm. Many claim the victims of the old cult still crawl through the tunnels accessible at the peak of the spire. Others say a new scaly threat now lairs there, and the storms of late have been most violent near that place. In this explorative and perilous adventure, the party ascends a great rocky spire to face the place’s past and the blue dragon that presently resides there.

Cover of The Flying Misfortune
The Flying Misfortune
5th Edition
Level 6
9 pages

This adventure is designed for the D&D Adventures League Season 5 - Storm King’s Thunder campaign, and is meant to enhance your party’s connection to important events and NPCs. While it is intended for a party of around 6th level, the nature of the quest is such that it fits easily with a higher level as well. It will put your players in contact with Felgolos, the bronze dragon that is encountered in Chapter 9 of D&D Adventures League Season 5 - Storm King’s Thunder, as well as the ancient dragon Iymrith, who plays a prominent role in the main plot. Of course, you can also change names and locations to make this adventure fit into any other campaign world – as long as it has dragons and deserts. Enjoy!

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