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Cover of The Mines of Chult
The Mines of Chult
5th Edition
Levels 1–15
60 pages

Presenting The Mines of Chult! This Savage Encounters adventure supplement features nine mini adventures from three best-selling DMs Guild authors. Your PCs will challenge several new monsters, discover fascinating new magic items, and interact with some wickedly fun NPCs. Though designed with Tomb of Annihilation in mind, each of these adventures can be easily adapted to any campaign setting. Dig in to The Mines of Chult!

Cover of DDAL05-15 Reclamation
DDAL05-15 Reclamation
5th Edition
Levels 11–16
30 pages

SEER has been rescued along with Ulcaster, the infamous Archmage that founded a wizard's school that is now in ruins in the foot hills of the Cloud Peaks. However, while leaving to get the two to safety a cloud ship arrived, unloading a shipload of pirates on the ruins. SEER knows what the are after and needs the heroes to stop them and their leader.

Cover of They Came From the Deep
They Came From the Deep
5th Edition
Levels 17–20
44 pages

Taag'thrith, born a gith but transformed into an illithid by ceromorphosis, has been finally found purpose: the assimilation & understanding of all knowledge. Taag'thrith plans to unleash a 10th level spell that will grant him just that-at the cost of all sentient life on the Material Plane. Will the heroes be able to traverse the dangerous corpse of a dead God, find Taag'thrith's aqueous lair the Eternal Spirals, & pit their foes against one another in order to destroy the foul lich once and for all? Or will they fall prey to the threats trapped within the Eternal Spirals & sink beneath the surface forever? They Came from the Deep is the second installment in Pretty Little Liches: a trilogy of adventures centered around three unique liches and their lairs designed for high-level play. These three lairs and the surrounding regions can be run independently as individual adventures or tied together into a mini-campaign that centers on the destruction of the Green Hand, an organization of dangerous liches.

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