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Cover of Encounters in the Radiant Citadel
Encounters in the Radiant Citadel
5th Edition
Levels 2–13
22 pages

Set in the Radiant Citadel, this is the perfect supplement to your "Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel" campaign, allowing adventurers to explore the ancient city and discover more about its people and places. From the Trade Discal to the Preserve of the Ancients, delve deeper into the secrets of this bastion of wonder and hope. Included in this supplement you’ll find: 10 one-session encounters for characters ranging from levels 2–13 A hand-drawn dungeon map for a new area in the Citadel 3 VTT maps 5 original stat blocks 2 new magic items A printer-friendly version with only essential graphics and text And a host of memorable NPCs! Easily drop an encounter into your existing campaign or build out a new adventure entirely. You’ll find a broad range of themes to help your table bring to life this ancient city in the heart of the Deep Ethereal Plane.

Cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path #87: The Choking Tower (Iron Gods 3 of 6)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #87: The Choking Tower (Iron Gods 3 of 6)
Levels 7–10
96 pages

Book 3 in the Iron Gods campaign: Numeria’s newest heroes have uncovered a greater threat than the one posed by the gang of bandits and its god. An even more powerful deity is rising in the enigmatic Silver Mount, but before the heroes can confront it, they must uncover the legacy of this strange deity’s first worshiper. Clues point to the technophobic town of Iadenveigh—a farming community with its own need for heroes. What role could the mysterious Smoke Wizard of the Choking Tower play in this unfolding threat? Will the heroes be ready for their inevitable battle with Numeria’s Iron God?

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